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16 Apr 2014 18:56
From what ive seen , they are marketed as a floss replacement.
Im just gonna stick with the silk floss.
Worried about flossing now tho, as a dentist said that if your gums bleed, then the bacteria gets into your blood stream - Does that mean im going to get heart disease if my gums bleed when i floss?
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16 Apr 2014 23:17
Yeah, totally & you also won't ever be allowed into America, because you cant floss..
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17 Apr 2014 00:04
Ill cancel the flights then Sad
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27 Apr 2014 10:38
jogon321 wrote: Try Dentek or Plackers for flossers. Tend to be stronger and thinner

Just tried the Dentek comfort clean, they are the business, much obliged.
carl lewis
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27 Apr 2014 13:24
This is decent http://www.blanx.co.uk/blanx
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21 Nov 2016 16:25
Anyone know which method is currently consider best? or anyone just had them done ?
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30 Nov 2016 21:19
Got mine through the dentist. Has worked really well so far half way through the course. It's called some bollocks like 'boutique' or something. £300 inc the mould
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30 Jun 2019 20:32
Anyone bought Crest Whitestrips from a reliable source lately?
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5 Jul 2020 16:06
Been a while since the suggestions, anyone have experience with an off-the-shelf product that works?

Seems to be a lot of suspect insta ads using UV light, but suspect it's bullshit.

Want to get my teeth all white and right for when I return to work in year or so..
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posted 5 Jul 2020 17:05, edited 5 Jul 2020 17:05
Crest Whitening strips from USA
Only thing that worked for me. I was sceptical but they do really work.

I spoke to my dentist who said the laser stuff is smoke and mirrors; your teeth get dehydrated and look white, until they get hydrated again

The ones that work are the at home whitening trays via the dentist. Apparently Enlighten is the best at the moment
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5 Jul 2020 18:00
Got some trays made up for £30 via postal service, and then bought Philips zoom whitening paste.

Pop in the tray and wear for a bit, decent results.

Teeth do feel a little sensitive for a little bit after, but cover them in toothpaste and in a couple of hours they feel fine.
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5 Jul 2020 18:10
Cheers, might have a look at the whitening strips, why only in the US though?
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5 Jul 2020 18:44
The crest strips are only available in the USA due to the strength. I got mine on Facebook marketplace from someone who’d brought them back from the states. I think they are widely available here on eBay
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6 Jul 2020 01:33
HMU if anyone finds links on those crest whitening strips