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1 Jan 2021 10:37
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1 Jan 2021 12:25
jacko198 wrote:
flipmode wrote: Damn was hoping that wouldn’t the case… quite a few online sources suggested a good hand grinder might be suitable. Got my coffee shop to grind yesterday’s coffee and it turned out amazing but obviously won’t be great after a day or so. Suggestions for a machine grinder with a tiny footprint?

The Niche has a small footprint, not cheep though!
not sure about these, buy cheap buy twice. may aswell go for the best or you'll always regret it
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1 Jan 2021 14:43
Its the grinder James Hoffman uses 90% of the time so thats a good enough review for me! Ha
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1 Jan 2021 14:43
darko wrote: Any shouts on brands that do nice but not crazy expensive coffee cups and saucers? Want to get 2 latte size and 2 smaller flat white size for our new espresso machine

Same question here. Always end up with a bucket of coffee instead of a properly sized one!
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1 Jan 2021 14:53
Yeah Loveramics Egg cups are great. Nice and thick so hold the heat of the coffee well if you warm them first
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1 Jan 2021 19:18
Just the ticket pent, thanks mate Cool

Ordered some from their potter range, 2 cups and 2 saucers for £60
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1 Jan 2021 20:22
For any coffee cups etc buy from Kinto all the way
Go Japanese or go home
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posted 8 Mar 2021 08:55, edited 8 Mar 2021 08:55

Getting a grinder has been so great, really nice not to have to buy pre ground and drink it all within a week

One of our local cafes gets all sorts of nice guest beans in so been picking up bags from there

haven’t tried this calendar yet but had others from there which have been delicious, plus the artwork is nice so extra points for style!