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23 Mar 2020 18:15
hand grinding is fucking long. the upside of it is completely lost
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23 Mar 2020 18:29
deuce wrote: Got those Hasbean myself not too long ago. Didn’t rate them at all, was ‘ok’ at the beginning in a gimmicky way, but much prefer my boring old lavazza beans

Lavazza from supermarket? Used the ORO beans and thought they were rank, Really 1 dimensional and too dark for my palate. Used the Crema Gusto -was ok for the crema but still standard joe.
Mainly use my SAGE machine and enjoy the ‘ pissin about’ with blend/ dose etc
I Tend to use different kit for different beans and rarely use AP now, Delter gives a cleaner cup.
Tried LOADS of the smaller suppliers and think HasBean’s gear is great, think I have I’ve had 7/8 of their varieties , Can really taste the notes, lighter the better for me at the mo. Hasbean also has a nice little app with loads of info.
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23 Mar 2020 18:31
TCB wrote:
jwool wrote:
Tobypricec wrote: Always get my coffee from Extract in Bristol, really nice

Think they do subscriptions

2nd this

Went with these guys. Their Veracruz filter is lovely, exactly what I was looking for.

We get Veracruz at (Or used to anyhow). One of the main roasters at Extract is in NCT group. Hoping for a hookup!
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posted 23 Mar 2020 18:34, edited 23 Mar 2020 18:34
pentonville wrote:
padawan wrote: ….Saving for a Wilfa.

They’re £100

Saving for lots of thingsSticking out tongue
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posted 23 Mar 2020 20:08, edited 23 Mar 2020 20:08
Ok just seeing this Lavazza chat makes me think the basic distinction between robusta and arabica coffee needs to be made.

Coffee beans are the seed of the coffee cherry, and the two varieties of coffee plant are Robusta and Arabica.

Robusta produces a very bitter fruit, and is rightly looked down on by the speciality coffee industry as trash. When roasted the beans carry that very bitter flavour, which is why they are roasted dark, to impart some kind of positive notes. This is the Italian style espresso- stinks of burnt tyres, doesn’t taste much better and costs €1 euro for a shot. Proof that this is a product valued more for the lifestyle around it rather than the taste experience is that Italians won’t pay more than €1 euro for an espresso, and to offset the increasing cost of rent etc cafe owners will just use worse and worse quality coffee to the point where they’re brewing factory floor sweepings.

This can’t be compared to Arabica, which is a plant whose fruit can yield a huge range of flavour notes depending on the terroir that they come from- and there are many Arabica varietals so it’s closer to wine as a product. A yellow bourbon from Guatemala might taste like caramel and spice; an SL28 from Kenya will taste like apricots. The speciality/3rd wave industry is concerned with single origin Arabica. Arabica comes in many forms, from cheap, mass-produced, one-dimensional Brazilian bourbons to rare micro-lots that might come from a single plant an have a crazy complex flavour profile, and everything in between. I could write an essay for this post but i’ll spare you all- I think this is a good place to start. I’d recommend James Hoffman’s Encyclopedia of Coffee if you fancy picking up a book.

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23 Mar 2020 20:23
I like Hoffman's YT channel.
I have become more and more interested in coffee over the last year and have used his YT as a good place to start.
Pentonville - what's your favoured method to brew?

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23 Mar 2020 20:53
Most of the time I’m brewing 750ml through a moccamaster, grinding with a Wilfa svart, but I always try a new coffee by brewing 260ml with a kalita wave just to see it at its very best.

I’m brewing this at the moment, the first white-honey process that I’ve tried.

But my preference is for a washed Kenyan SL.
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posted 23 Mar 2020 21:27, edited 23 Mar 2020 21:27
@padawan I'd recommend to stop buying blends - much more interesting to get single origin and start picking apart differences between regions.

Everyone either eventually ends up drinking espresso or v60.
v60 is a lot cheaper to get into, I prefer filter anyway (and feel like espresso is a bit of a Clarkson car guy hobby).

Me: Wilfa grinder £95, plastic v60 £6, ikea carafe £4, scale £20.
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23 Mar 2020 21:57
andrew_ wrote: home espresso is a bit of a Clarkson car guy hobby

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23 Mar 2020 22:35
Cheers men!!
Wilfa and one of those long spouted temp control kettles next.
Never tried a V60 always a bit put off by the filter - as a 17 year old apprentice Graphic designer I had to make chain smoking boss his coffee - really strong Turkish filter coffee!!! Still smell it!Laughing out loud
Will give a go and report back.
Now weather is on the up - gonna perfect a cold batch… any tips? Have a puck puck.
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23 Mar 2020 22:59
padawan wrote: Cheers men!!
Wilfa and one of those long spouted temp control kettles next.

I have a brewista Artisan but only because I got it free. Spends most of its time boxed up in the cupboard because it takes up a lot of space and the cable annoys me. Otherwise I’d make do with the stovetop kalita kettle.
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posted 26 Mar 2020 11:07, edited 26 Mar 2020 11:07

Coffee corner. Not great tekkers as I was taking the photo and I’ve got some sticking round the top of the filter- a spin and shake would sort this plus I was a bit heavy handed with the pour but you get the idea.
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26 Mar 2020 18:59
Re:grinders - I got tired of hand grinding but don't have much counter space so got one of these shipped over from China. Wasn't from that site but similar sort of set-up.

Came to about £70 shipped.

It was sold on kickstarter by a company called Lume who probably I assume just rebadged the Chinese product and James Hoffman shits on it a bit in his review, but genuinely for grinding one cups worth of beans at 7am I think it's ace once you get the burr setting where you want it. Charges last weeks, grind is even, takes up very little space. Would highly recommend.