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posted 9 May 2019 07:40, edited 9 May 2019 07:40
Just to add something positive to this discussion, the only cold-brewed coffee I ever got close to satisfactory results with was a natural process from Yirgicheffe. Brewed immersion at 7:1, with a hot bloom. Heavy blueberry notes hid most of the oxidised flavour but ultimately it was still detectable.
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9 May 2019 10:28
themistake wrote: Anyone else noticed a sudden hike in coffee prices in London?

Have been used to paying £2.50 (+ 30p for soya) for flat white but recently been charged anywhere from 3.20 to 3.70.
Dunno if it’s a sustainability thing and people are charging extra for the cup now but paying 3.70 for a shit cup of coffee made with bog standard soya milk really isn’t cool.

I've only really noticed a bump up to around £2.80…that's in places like caravan, dept of coffee and social affairs, allpress etc

not sure where you're going where you have to cough up £3.20+?
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9 May 2019 16:41
Next level places Cool
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25 May 2019 06:00
dropped my hario skerton this morning - any advice for a new one or should I just buy the same again? no need for an electric mill
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25 May 2019 07:40
Not sure how much you're willing to spend and this is much more expensive but it's been a good investment for me. Grind is more consistent, easy to switch between and control grind profiles, plus it saves loads of effort hand grinding every morning. I think they released a newer version recently as well.;_medium=cpc&utm;_content=302689863547&utm;_term=&gclid;=Cj0KCQjwz6PnBRCPARIsANOtCw1XnzdOD-LjYWem3KggwhSyLckSU6vv_UvLQUI1VComs4STk_5Vvk0aAiXREALw_wcB
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25 May 2019 09:54
I was doing manual with a skerton but recently upgraded to that electric grinder too.

It’s so good. Coffee ground in 15 secs rather than about 3 minutes of twirling the annoying handle.

Honestly just buy the electric one…but if you’re interested in buying my skerton (pro model) give me a PM.