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posted 5 Dec 2011 20:54, edited 5 Dec 2011 20:54
Official thread sponsor: The Denim Doctor. First aid for your old denim.


Acne - fit true to size

APC New Standards -size down 2 or even 3 from true waist size

APC New Cures - size down 1 or 2 from true waist size

April 77 - size down 1 or 2 from true waist size

Dior raw 19s and 21s - have vanity sizing and are labelled as two sizes smaller than actual size

Edwin Nashvilles - size down 1" - quite a different fit to most jeans out there though (massive rise, loose at thigh and comparitively tapered at the leg).

Julian Red - fit small, so maybe true to size on raw and possibly size up on non raws

Nudies - size down 1 or 2

Raf by Raf - true

Ring - true

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15 Mar 2019 18:45
nothingelseworked wrote: Need a repair/reinforcement on a pair around the crotch area - is Denim Doctor still the go-to guy for this kinda stuff? Or somewhere else?

Got some done via Son of a Stag - £37 but wasn't a complete blowout. Turnaround was Saturday - Wednesday and the patch and darning over looks very solid / thorough. They did say it would be longer so bought some new raw ones in the meantime Laughing out loud
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15 Mar 2019 20:31
Got a pair of Orslow 105's one wash (size 1) in classifieds if anyone is interested?
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20 Mar 2019 19:20
Rivet & Hide opening in Manchester this Saturday