Menswear: The DENIM Thread

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posted 5 Dec 2011 20:54, edited 5 Dec 2011 20:54
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Acne - fit true to size

APC New Standards -size down 2 or even 3 from true waist size

APC New Cures - size down 1 or 2 from true waist size

April 77 - size down 1 or 2 from true waist size

Dior raw 19s and 21s - have vanity sizing and are labelled as two sizes smaller than actual size

Edwin Nashvilles - size down 1" - quite a different fit to most jeans out there though (massive rise, loose at thigh and comparitively tapered at the leg).

Julian Red - fit small, so maybe true to size on raw and possibly size up on non raws

Nudies - size down 1 or 2

Raf by Raf - true

Ring - true

(New thread, old one started by Paulo G, archived here)
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29 Mar 2021 18:37
Not denim related, closest feed could find linked to it, does anyone know how Stan Ray fatigue trousers fit in the waist? are they true to size, or is it a size up job?
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29 Mar 2021 19:36
They are supposed to fit big but the ones I had were a full size smaller than labelled, might have just been unlucky though.
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29 Mar 2021 20:02
True IMO
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29 Mar 2021 21:13
generic_guy wrote: They are supposed to fit big but the ones I had were a full size smaller than labelled, might have just been unlucky though.

This happened with me too.
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31 Mar 2021 13:59
1234589 wrote:
TheConductor wrote: Anywhere decent open in East London which can take up a pair of jeans for me? They're white, so don't need chain stitching etc, but also don't want a random dry cleaner who will mess them up.

More North than East but Blackhorse Lane Ateliers is still open - can drop off in Walthamstow or at Coals Drop Yard:
Cheers for this! I'm based in Homerton so can ride easily up to Walthamstow.
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31 Mar 2021 16:11
It’s not open is it?

Ffs I’ve been sitting on a gift card for a pair of jeans since Christmas waiting patiently for it to reopen.
Oops Laughing out loud
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31 Mar 2021 16:20
Ah maybe it's closed at the moment?! I used them for a repair back in November, had to email in advance to arrange a time to drop off. I live round the corner from the workshop and the door's been open with people going in and out fairly often when I've walked past though.
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30 Apr 2021 21:01
Any alterations place good for taking in waist on jeans or best to go for a proper denim specialist? It’s just a pair of Orslow no too bothered about anything fancy but also don’t want them fucked.
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9 May 2021 18:32
This isn't technically denim but figured a few in here might appreciate it.

12oz Wabash CPO Sample that Iron Heart gave me to wear and trash at work.

I am doing my best to give it some wear

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9 May 2021 19:17
Went to Blackhorse Lane @ coal drops yard to pick up some new jeans the other week.

Really good service as always, had a good chat about the denim, fades etc.
Finished the hems whilst I had some tacos a few doors down.
Can’t fault it to be honest.
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11 May 2021 19:01
Cool spitfire