Menswear: The DENIM Thread

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posted 5 Dec 2011 20:54, edited 5 Dec 2011 20:54
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Acne - fit true to size

APC New Standards -size down 2 or even 3 from true waist size

APC New Cures - size down 1 or 2 from true waist size

April 77 - size down 1 or 2 from true waist size

Dior raw 19s and 21s - have vanity sizing and are labelled as two sizes smaller than actual size

Edwin Nashvilles - size down 1" - quite a different fit to most jeans out there though (massive rise, loose at thigh and comparitively tapered at the leg).

Julian Red - fit small, so maybe true to size on raw and possibly size up on non raws

Nudies - size down 1 or 2

Raf by Raf - true

Ring - true

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22 Mar 2022 10:45
Warehouse Garrison belt, I'll get some more pictures of the jeans!
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22 Apr 2022 21:47
Looking for some heavy used wash, straight fit denim. Really like the look of these warehouse ones but they seem to be sold out everywhere. Any decent alternatives, at a similar price, ideally?

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posted 23 Apr 2022 11:12, edited 23 Apr 2022 11:12
If you want them to look worn, imo Warehouse look the best.
Full Count worth looking into. Assume you've looked at Orslow 105s 2 year wash?

If you just want them washed out, I think the newer 3sixteen stonewash ones look decent.
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23 Apr 2022 12:56
Thanks. I’m looking for fades ideally. The warehouse are the best pre washed I’ve seen but they seem to fit tiny and everywhere seems to be sold out in larger sizes. I’ll have a look at Full Count too.

Had considered the Orslow’s but just really liked the wash on the Warehouse ones. Might order a pair to check them out in person.
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23 Apr 2022 14:45
Orslow’s fabric is great in person, love mine.
Careful with the length on the Warehouse ones, I would have got some myself but can’t make 28” inseam work.
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23 Apr 2022 14:46
McCoy's do some again this time, I think they cost loads more than Warehouse. I have a pair of warehouse and they may come up short and quite lightweight denim so that may not suit but think the fades look good
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23 Apr 2022 18:45
Thanks again both. I reckon the inseam might be a bit short on the Warehouse.

How’s the sizing on orSlow work out Andrew? Im looking for something with a waist measuring around 35 inches so not sure wether it’s a 3 or 4 I’ll need.
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23 Apr 2022 22:09
I'd go with a size 4 in Orslow mate.
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24 Apr 2022 18:41
Cheers. Got a pair from Hip for a decent price. Hopefully they’ll fit.
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12 May 2022 15:34
DELFOR wrote:
beeper wrote: How do Orslow 107 fit? I’m looking at the two year wash and not sure if I’ll be a size 3 or 4. I’m usually a 33 in Acne jeans

What Doogan said, they stretch out at the waist. So sz3 perfect

Thanks for the advice on these. Got a pair of one wash and 2 year wash on offer at the last bank holiday. They were a little tight on the first year but fit perfect now.