Menswear: The DENIM Thread

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posted 5 Dec 2011 20:54, edited 5 Dec 2011 20:54
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Acne - fit true to size

APC New Standards -size down 2 or even 3 from true waist size

APC New Cures - size down 1 or 2 from true waist size

April 77 - size down 1 or 2 from true waist size

Dior raw 19s and 21s - have vanity sizing and are labelled as two sizes smaller than actual size

Edwin Nashvilles - size down 1" - quite a different fit to most jeans out there though (massive rise, loose at thigh and comparitively tapered at the leg).

Julian Red - fit small, so maybe true to size on raw and possibly size up on non raws

Nudies - size down 1 or 2

Raf by Raf - true

Ring - true

(New thread, old one started by Paulo G, archived here)
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27 Aug 2014 22:09
^^ didn't notice that. Send them an email, they usually respond quickly
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27 Aug 2014 23:45
s4do wrote: by the way, i see only the waist size there, how do i know which inseam size it is?
it says if you click size and fit
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28 Aug 2014 08:31
thanks Cool
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28 Aug 2014 09:34
What do you reckon on this:;=430539841367&ssPageName;=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT

Made in USA, Cone Mills Denim, selvage for about £40 delivery to UK?
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28 Aug 2014 12:38
s4do wrote: mine 101s are button fly.

is there any place to still get LVC denim for cheap sale prices? or other heavy washed/destroyed jeans? size 31/32 preferably

I'm selling some vintage Levis that are a 30x32 in the classifieds if you're interested? They're not LVC, they're literally vintage from the 80/90s, though they're new with tags and they're a light wash - might be something you're after? They're made in Britain as well.
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28 Aug 2014 12:47
Haven't bought denim for ages, who makes a decent slim/skinny cut like the APC PS/PNS or Nudie Grim Tim or Thin Finn (Not buying either of those because CBA with hemming APC's and every Nudie I've owned blows out at the crotch really quickly).
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posted 28 Aug 2014 13:31, edited 28 Aug 2014 13:31
Im the same as you. I know apc are decent but i just will never ever get a pair of jeans hemmed again. So fucking other that shit. Hence why i buy gap denim now or a decent brand only of it does different leg sizes.
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29 Aug 2014 15:49
zoom wrote: Couple of new pairs of jeans all come in this week. The sammies are off to be hemmed by DD, aswell as repairs on the 04 raws.

Samurai 710bk Black Shadow
Visvim 04 raw's (epic fadez)
Visvim 04 D10

spitfiredealer wrote: Cool
Look forward to seeing those Samurai's in a year or so with your boss like fading ability!

Here you go Spitfire, a year on and they are ready for the scrapheap.

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posted 29 Aug 2014 16:29, edited 29 Aug 2014 16:29
Cool Cool Cool Had a pair like that, might have bought off you, think I sold to Hello World, they were epic.
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29 Aug 2014 17:07
Amazing Lew Cool
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29 Aug 2014 17:23
WTF do you do to them
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posted 29 Aug 2014 17:37, edited 29 Aug 2014 17:37
Scrapheap? They look quality.
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29 Aug 2014 17:40
Hands off everyone. If they're going on the scrap heap I'll be the first to dive in and get them Smiling
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29 Aug 2014 17:45
Ubercool Ubercool
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29 Aug 2014 21:11
Good work buddy Ubercool

How many washes?
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30 Aug 2014 11:02
I stuck this in the WANTS but maybe here might be a bit better.
I'm after a pair of APC petit standards that have been heavily worn, almost to the point of destruction.
Rips, fades, stains, repairs, the works. to fit a 33. Anyone got any to shift? Zoom?
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30 Aug 2014 11:17
They'll be too small for pops - Probs my size no Eye-wink
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4 Sep 2014 20:36
Anyone know what the sizing is like on lvc pitchforks?
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8 Sep 2014 19:10
did dior jeans ever have button on top hole or always hook and eye?
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8 Sep 2014 19:19
First pair i ever bought from harrods had button fly but we're talking 2002 maybe, so they have done them before but i dunno about that style.