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20 Jan 2010 21:17
heskey scored!? i would book a ticket but i don't think i'll have the booking history on my account Sad but my mates will so will be going!
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20 Jan 2010 21:24
will they show prem highlights after the villa game?
Noble Locks
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20 Jan 2010 21:28

they yids proper robbed there, defoes goal was class and in no way illegal whatsoever.
not a penalty that could of been, not a missed handball, but a proper fullon goal scored by a player in no wrong position whatsoever. proper robbery.
that ref will be fucked off for that . FACT!!!!
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20 Jan 2010 21:42
Arsenal Cool

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20 Jan 2010 21:45
Won a decent ammount on Arsenal, backed them just befor Rosicky's goal.

They top now?
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20 Jan 2010 21:47
BBC have such shit commentators. Also why talk about Robinson for England when he's just let in 6 goals and only made 1 save all game
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20 Jan 2010 21:51
arsenal looking good top of the league
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20 Jan 2010 21:55
about time!

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20 Jan 2010 21:57
id love it if you stayed there….Smiling
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20 Jan 2010 21:58
yeh dont get too bummy over it

you'll be there til saturday
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20 Jan 2010 22:20
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20 Jan 2010 22:37
i wish our players would keep their mouths shut before a game (spurs)

originality is the art of concealing your source
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20 Jan 2010 22:40
i wish you beat liverpool
Noble Locks
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20 Jan 2010 22:42
arsenal looked brilliant going forward then. what a prem this year. oh what a premiership.
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20 Jan 2010 22:47
lol @ Bassong's bollocking.
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20 Jan 2010 23:05
Spurs players aint got the heart to make it into the top 4. They're all party boys laughing at their back balances. Whenever they have a chance of pushing on they choke.
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20 Jan 2010 23:55
groundbreaking guido…. Roll Eyes

how about some new football shoes?;=COMME+des+GAR%c3%87ONS&dept;=men&tskay;=B84CE7A2&rr;=1&cod10;=44205103JK&sts;=sr_men80
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21 Jan 2010 01:29
"Nani are you OK? Are you OK Nani"
Manchester United fans towards Michael Jackson look-a-like Nani to the tune of smooth criminal

"It's just like watching The Bill"
Various when police come onto the pitch to the tune of "it's just like watching Brazil"

"You're just a poor man's Evian, you're just a poor man's Evian"
Gateshead fans to Buxton supporters after a 2-0 victory

"Deep fry yer pizzas, were gonna deep fry yer pizzas"
Scotland fans when in Italy

"You're just a small team in Scotland, small team in Scotland, you're just a small team in Scotland"
Aston Villa fans towards Sunderland fans

"You should've stayed on the telly"
Liverpool fans on Alan Shearer during his brief reign as manager of Newcastle

"Same old Arsenal, always over-elaborating in the penalty area"
Fulham to Arsenal fans

"Does your butler know you're here?"
West Ham to Fulham fans

"We've got that Double feeling, Oohh, that Double feeling, We've got that Double feeling, 'Cos it's on, on, on…"
Arsenal fans (to the tune of 'You've Lost That Loving Feeling')

"Don't blame it on Henry, don't blame it on the injuries, don't blame it on the referees, blame it on Eboue!"
Arsenal fans to the tune of The Jackson Five's Blame It On The Boogie

"That's the way, Saha Saha, we like it, Saha Saha."
Sung at Everton game, to the tune by KC and the Sunshine Band

"Start spreading the news, He's playing today, I want to see him score again, Dwight Yorke, Dwight Yorke
If he can (pause) score from there, He'll score from (pause) anywhere, It's up to you Dwight Yorke, Dwight Yorke"
Aston Villa fans to Dwight Yorke

"Bill Oddie, Bill Oddie, rub your beard all over my body! Bill Oddie, Bill Oddie…"
Reading fans against Derby - to the tune of Madonna's Erotica

He tackles and he passes, Hassles and harasses, He gets up peoples a***s, He's better than zidane, Du du du du, Grant McCann, Grant McCann
Northern Ireland fans v San Marino, to the tune of the Adams family theme. Submitted by Darin Quigley

"Love, Lovell tear you apart, again."
Aberdeen fans use Joy Division's classic to salute striker Steve Lovell

'Neville Neville, your play is immense, Neville Neville, you play in defence, Neville Neville, like Jacko you're bad, Neville Neville, the name of your dad'
Sung to the tune of David Bowie's Rebel Rebel

"We'll race you back to London!"
Arsenal fans to Man Utd during their 4-0 FA Cup defeat at Old Trafford

"When we find ourselves in times of trouble, Kevin Keegan comes to me. Speaking words of wisdom, Geremi!"
Newcastle fans, to the tune of Let It Be

"Cilla wants her teeth back."
Liverpool fans to Ronaldinho during a game against Barcelona

"Woooah, Al-Fayed… he wants to be a Brit, and QPR are s**t'
Fulham supporters never miss an opportunity to have a go at their London rivals

"I love Tottenham more than you!"
Spurs fans serendade their loved ones back home during a Valentine's Day UEFA Cup game in Prague

"You better watch out, You better beware, He's good on the ground and he's good in the air, Santa Cruz is coming to town."

"We don't need no Phil Scolari, We don't need Mourinho. Hey! Thaksin! Leave our Sven alone!"
Manchester City fans address their former owner to the tune of Pink Floyd's Another Brick In the Wall.

"Let's talk about Cesc baby, lets talk about Flam-in-i, let's talk about Theo Walcott, Freddie Ljungberg and Henry, let's talk about Cesc."
Arsenal fans, To the tune of Salt and Pepa's Let's Talk About Sex

"Thank you very much for the seven million, Thank you very much, Thank you very, very, very much."
Sung by Newcastle fans to Man Utd, who included a struggling striker in their line up by the name of Andy Cole, following his £7 million move from St James' Park

"Vera's dead, Vera's dead, Vera's dead!"
West Ham fans enjoy a visit to Manchester City following the death of the character Vera Duckworth in Coronation Street.

"Ohh! We're half way there! Ohh-ohh! Aliadiere!"
Middlesbrough fans modify Bon Jovi's 'Livin on a Prayer'

Do Do Do Nigel Reo-Coker
West Ham Fans to do the conga

"Away in a manger, No crib for a bed, The little Lord Jesus, Laid down his sweet head, The stars in the bright sky, Looked down where HE LAY, HEALY, HEALY!"
Leeds fans to David Healy

"It's neat, it's weird, it's Rafa's goatee beard!"
Liverpool fans salute Benitez's facial hair

'His name is Rio and he watches from the stand'
Manchester United's Rio Ferdinand had to endure a lot of this during his ban for missing a drugs test

"Sunday, Monday, Habib Beye Tuesday, Wednesday, Habib Beye Thursday, Friday, Habib Beye Saturday, Habib Beye, rocking all week with you!"
Newcastle fans: Sang to the Happy Days theme tune

"He was just 17, You know what I mean, And he wears the golden boots upon his feet. No we wouldn't have Michael Owen ooooohhh coz we've got Wayne Rooney."
Everton fans sing to a young Wayne Rooney to the tune of the Beatles' I Saw Her Standing There

"You're just a fat Eddie Murphy!"
Fans of several Championship clubs to Cardiff's Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink

"When the ball hits your head and you sit in row Z, that's Zamora!"
West Ham fans to the tune of Dean Martin's 'That's Amore'

"Joe Royle whatever you may do, You're going down to division two, You won't win a cup, You won't win a shield, Your next derby is Macclesfield"

"Dance, dance wherever you may be, He is the young lad from Torquay, He soon settled in, He soon made his mark, He is the lad that we call Lee Sharpe."
Manchester United fans to Lee Sharpe during his glory days at the club

"What's that coming over the hill? Is it Chimbonda? Is it Chimbonda?"
Spurs fans improvise The Automatic's Monster hit

"He flies through the air with the greatest of ease, He never got touched, but he's down on his knees."
Spurs fans to Jurgen Klinsmann

"Oh my God I can't believe it, we've never been this good away from home!"
Leeds fans (to the tune of Kaiser Chiefs' Oh My God)

"Oh Kasper, whoah, whoh, oh, Oh Kasper, whoah, whoh, oh, He stands between our posts, He's named after a ghost."
Cardiff fans to keeper Kasper Schmeichel

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21 Jan 2010 02:55

ballboy shoes are what you need, get the power on your feet…
do they comme des a gratus gareth southgate signed ball however?
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21 Jan 2010 09:21

Fact though aint it. Team full of cockends.