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25 Oct 2015 12:34
It made me realise that there are so many fuckin' unstable people in such a small radius.
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26 Oct 2015 08:00
I've been caning it, exhausted Laughing out loud
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28 Oct 2015 14:48
It's full of bots up Aberdeen way. Always same age as me, 4 pictures and the name on the picture never matches the text below. Probably going to give up soon.
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posted 19 Oct 2017 23:05, edited 19 Oct 2017 23:05
… met some woman off tinder tonight, Posh.

She decided to meet in multi-storey car park. It had tramps in it.

I’m going to have nightmares forever. Sad
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19 Oct 2017 23:12
She also went out with Ramsey Bolton from GOTS. Not a fan appently full of himself in real life. …

I left her to fend off tramps with her umbrella. Don’t think there will be a 2nd date.
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20 Oct 2017 14:03
Love those type of girls
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20 Oct 2017 15:15
MoB wrote: i got the days mixed up was meant to be tonight so i text her at about 5 to say we still on etc she text back and said no you mong it's tomorrow, so i arrange to meet Joey and Conductor.
At about 8ish she texts me saying she's bored of the people she's out with let me know where to meet you i'll grab a cab. Meet, have a couple of drinks she tells me she hates poor people but i'm ok cos i look rich, she also doesn't like public transport(like me) and prefers to smoke other peoples cigarets. Basically she's a bit of a cunt but she's fit and rich so who am i to judge.
She asks me back to hers for a brandy(kid you not), really nice one bed flat in regents park(daddy daddy buy me a pony). Wake up in the morning and need a shower, go to the bathroom and the toilet has shit stains and the bins got bloodied rags hanging out.
Addison Lee to the rescue.
The good old days
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posted 20 Oct 2017 15:22, edited 20 Oct 2017 15:22
What was it with you and finding birds shitting themselves? Laughing out loud
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20 Oct 2017 15:22
Laughing out loud
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21 Oct 2017 07:50
Laughing out loud
Brian Damage
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21 Oct 2017 13:17
Laughing out loud
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posted 21 Oct 2017 16:49, edited 21 Oct 2017 16:49
She still leaving the bathroom in a state since your wedding?
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21 Oct 2017 23:54
Most modern women have poor hygiene and don't know basic housekeeping.

It's one thing you learn from current tennants while viewing rental properties.

The ones occupied by single guys are always cleaner.