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16 Oct 2019 10:42
generic_guy wrote: Was going to say I'd be keen on a size 5 too then checked End;
"Model is 6"2 with a 37 inch chest and wears a size 5" Laughing out loud

I’m sure end have this wrong on a lot of their items. Size 5 would be an XL or XXL.
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16 Oct 2019 11:05
Size 5 will fit like a tent unless you happen to be a unit
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16 Oct 2019 11:08
size 5 is like a uniqlo XL
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posted 16 Oct 2019 12:21, edited 16 Oct 2019 12:21
sydneyking wrote: Size 5 will fit like a tent unless you happen to be a fat cunt

Hence my interest

MB wrote: size 5 is like a uniqlo XL

Hmmm, Uniqlo XL would do me

If it fits like this it should be good:

Some of them list 18.25 inches for the shoulders though which would be nowhere near.
If anyone does pick one up and it's too big lmk.

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16 Oct 2019 12:55
Does someone mind looking at which Barbour x EG jackets they have and what sizes? Not spotted any in Oxford Circus.