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2 Aug 2017 07:07
NIce drop of NN07 in the Covent Garden store, didn't see none in the Charing Cross store.

But the fit of these Simon Slim Fit NN07s is BIG as hell, no way near as nice the old model. Couldn't work with them. Also the quality seems to have dropped, a lot thinner than the last drop.
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2 Aug 2017 07:35
They still get some Bottega from time to time?
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2 Aug 2017 19:50
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10 Aug 2017 20:39
New website up. Even less user friendly and have hidden more brands from resellers, and everyone else.
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posted 15 Aug 2017 14:08, edited 15 Aug 2017 14:08
On the face of it that's true but they've actually made it easier to dig out decent brands.

Mens > Clothing > View All

Sort by Newest and scroll through the first few pages to get an idea of what new brands are in.

Then sort by Brands a-z and modify the value at the end of the Url so that it loads every page into a single view.


This is loading thousands of items so might take a few moments. Previously you were limited to 200 items per page.

Once loaded you can control+f and search in page for any brand/term.

Looks like they've removed most of the Ralph from the site though.