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kid unknown
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11 Aug 2016 06:36
Is Nigel Hall still going?

Maybe they have done a Sports Direct and put old brand names on tat (karrimor, Dunlop etc).
carl lewis
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11 Aug 2016 09:20
YLAup wrote: Bought a few cheap Nigel Hall jumpers for work this week, quality of material not brill, 50% wool etc, made in Bangladesh but I noticed something amiss. Most of the other jumpers in there, cheap brands called Simon Carter, Gibson London and a few others, all had the same label inside, same composition, same font, same country. Are things being made on the cheap for TK Maxx to sell?

Yeah, they did the same with Pierre Balmain jackets a few years back.
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11 Aug 2016 19:26
That's right, TK buy surplus factory hours at cheap rates when brands don't have the demand they expected
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22 Aug 2016 15:19
Lots of Hardy Amies double monks in (watford specifically) in tan and others in black @ £80.

Don't look like seconds either - nice soft leather on em.
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22 Aug 2016 15:38

Han K "clubmasters" and others for a score.
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22 Aug 2016 16:13
Reading Maxx had Missoni socks in Clearance, two pairs for £12.