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1 Dec 2013 12:58
If anyone comes across any CP company sweatshirts or tees in a medium or large a pickup would greatly appreciated!
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3 Dec 2013 13:05
Dope gucci bomber, costume national coat, band of outsiders raincoat, like 5 pairs of MMM trousers at covent garden today.
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3 Dec 2013 17:11
Loads of Danner boots in Manchester, didn't get time to take pics. Plenty of sizes.

None of the Mountain Lights though, mainly brogue and a few other styles.
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3 Dec 2013 23:36
seen a few of these Danner for Japan in 8 & 8 1/2 (says US but fit like UK size?) £44.99 as well as some horrible multicoloured brogue types. could poss do pick up if they're still there when i next go past and anyone's keen.

couple decent Farah Vintage coats - donkey jacket and their version of a black/red mackinaw cruiser 70-80 quid - would have copped the latter but not my size.

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4 Dec 2013 08:16
Those Danner's look pretty decent to me, I like the colour.
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5 Dec 2013 13:03
Hammersmith got s and m suit egham suede ma1 bombers in grey green suede. Quality for 79, steal.
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7 Dec 2013 18:06
They had 3 pairs of those Danners in Leicester TK today, pretty nice in the flesh. Managed to find a pair of Missoni socks and they had a couple of scarves in the men's section too. Shit loads of Missoni scarves in the women's section, for about £40- would be good Christmas presents.
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8 Dec 2013 00:28
If any can do a pick up of the Danners in a uk11 lease get in touch.
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8 Dec 2013 09:33

Picked this up the other day £49.99 retail tag says $320. I needed a new carry on suitcase so this will do nicely.
Noble Locks
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8 Dec 2013 11:26
The bollocks that.
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8 Dec 2013 12:00
Looks bomb proof that!
kid unknown
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8 Dec 2013 12:50
Looks heavy!
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8 Dec 2013 13:00
Love that eazypz!
Wish it was just a bit smaller!
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8 Dec 2013 13:03
Bought this for £150, thought someone on here might want it. Will be backed tomorrow otherwise.
Size 56, fits like an XL

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8 Dec 2013 13:09
nice jacket and case
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8 Dec 2013 13:15
Really like that Timberland case.
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8 Dec 2013 13:18
think those cases are made by hayes, and they're pretty light. Never would have been $320 but still a proper bargain.
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8 Dec 2013 13:22
If no one on here takes it you should dutty it on the bay rather than back it.
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8 Dec 2013 15:18
To anyone that's pm'd me, CP is gone. Probably be up on eBay in a few days Laughing out loud
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8 Dec 2013 15:19
Definitely Panda