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7 Sep 2009 19:01
you been off the internets?
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7 Sep 2009 19:04
the only time i can remember seeing them is at school/walking home from school/playing out on my bike in the woods

i don't get out into the countryside very often now, maybe i should.. they dun seem to inhabit town centers
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7 Sep 2009 20:41
There were quite a lot last year, and a lot of greenfly, this year no greenfly and no ladybirds. Must be the shit weather.
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7 Sep 2009 22:26
I wished I could get some good night time pics of our foxes here , they were born back in april and still hang around every night for their tea Laughing out loud At the moment Ive got 5 foxes and 4 cats all wandering around the back
Noble Locks
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8 Sep 2009 06:44
people with avatars of other people smoking. (the new uniqlo/corpus jacket/blue blazers?)
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8 Sep 2009 20:21
i started that shit
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9 Sep 2009 10:54

Pygmy parrots, they were on TV last night, they are so cute, and as big as your thumb.
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9 Sep 2009 12:47
Find these wild in some Bareclona parks
PM paulo
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9 Sep 2009 12:49
There are parrots in Hyde Park too.
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9 Sep 2009 12:54
Those bloody parakeets.. They started off in a cricket ground my dad plays at..

They are everywhere now.. Noisey buggers..
Paolo G
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9 Sep 2009 22:42
technotechnotechno wrote: Find these wild in some Bareclona parks
PM paulo

Ive seen them on road, noisey fuckers, but rather them about than pigeons.
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11 Sep 2009 13:22
The music from Peanuts Oops Laughing out loud;;
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11 Sep 2009 13:36
s spanish freind of mine captured one ,aparently its completyly legal as long as you have checks done at the vets.I would love one.
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11 Sep 2009 19:52
julia bradbury

Bradbury owns and lives in a single bedroom basement flat in London, and owns around 100 pairs of shoes. Her first car was a VW Beetle. She has also owned a black Smart car, and recently bought a black Porsche 911 coupé, a few years old, which cost £40,000.

Bradbury is currently single;
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11 Sep 2009 20:37
Always liked her, on celebrity come dine with me now.
Hello World
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11 Sep 2009 20:39
dressed to distract the roving eye of balentine. my type of (older) woman
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11 Sep 2009 20:41
how old is she?
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11 Sep 2009 21:06
38. She likes the great outdoors and is very knowledgeable about cheese Cool
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11 Sep 2009 21:08
Jesus! Check out her website.

Imaging putting up a site and describing yourself as one of the best presenters on TV!?

"JULIA was born in Dublin to a Greek mother and a Derbyshire born father. The family moved back to the UK in the early 70's and settled in Rutland (the smallest county in Britain)." Wow fascinating shit already…

I'd still like to dick her in the shitter while she grips onto her desk and screams 'go Superbe' Smiling


One of the best internet forum posters on the whole of the the internet.
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11 Sep 2009 21:13
Modest too Eye-wink