Menswear: Tokyo Pickup.

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19 Dec 2018 21:53
Wondering if anyone on the forum is Tokyo based and can pick something up from the nepenthes store for me and post it to London ? Not keen to use stylistics, can pay for your time / effort…
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19 Dec 2018 23:41
Not exactly what you're after. But you could drop @ReggieCasual a pm on twitter or Insta.
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20 Dec 2018 05:46
Cheers bails I’ve popped him a message.
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26 Oct 2019 13:40
I’m going to Tokyo next month for a couple weeks.

Happy to do pickups and either post or collections when I get home, will be charging for my troubles of course.

PM if interested.
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27 Oct 2019 06:12
yeah stylistics is a dick
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3 Nov 2019 20:55
^ care to elaborate?