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14 Dec 2020 19:49
Everyone is overrating Fury a lot.
He’s capable of surprising me but his CV is average.

Klitschko was on autopilot on that fight and his two Wilder fights were made for him.
He awkward but he hasn’t really faced anyone world class yet. Wilder is not world class either and dont think Joshua is.

So what we have a an exciting match but nothing era defining.

If Usky can bulk up he is the best of the three but too small
Right now.
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14 Dec 2020 20:59
What rubbish. ‘He’s done nothing apart from beat klitschko and wilder’, two of the best heavy weights of the last decade. Yes the heavy weight division has been poor, but still, you can’t take those victories away from him.

Fury and Joshua are two of the best British heavy weights in years. Absolutely this is era defining.

Usyk is way too small, just wants a pay day against Joshua, who I think will ko him. He struggled against Chisora early on and Joshua is much much better than chisora.
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14 Dec 2020 21:39
Morgan talking boxing Nonsense again
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15 Dec 2020 00:08

Fury is the generational talent for the heavyweight division. The other two don’t even come close

Usyk isn’t even in the question tbh, he’s not exactly young and had a tough time even with Chisora

Fury wins at least 10 rounds vs Joshua on a decision
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15 Dec 2020 08:54
Wilder is an awful boxer with great power.
Made for Fury who is very awkward.

The Klitschko win was a fluke as he saw a Fury as a joke and didn’t take it seriously as he should even though he was way past his peak. Go back and watch that fight. One of the worst fights I’ve ever watched.Vlad didn’t throw a punch. Nobody deserved to win.

Listen, Fury has struggled against some pretty average boxers. He’s now become this all time great all of a sudden? Absolute shite.

In between Wilder he fought two bums and almost came unstuck against Wallin.

Prior to Klitschko he has fought who?
Chisora who has lost to any decent fighter he’s ever faced?
At that time Chisora was also not on his game. He’s a far better fighter now than he was 10 years ago.

I’m not saying Fury is shit. I’m saying he’s overrated.
Same as Joshua though who is just a more mobile Frank Bruno.

It will be a good watch I’m sure but all I’m saying is neither is worthy hall of famers.

Era defining only because it’s a shit era.

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posted 15 Dec 2020 09:38, edited 15 Dec 2020 09:38
Mate, you said Hasim Rachman, Berbick, Golota and Witherspoon were all great and would be world champs.

You can’t call Fury’s win a fluke - I can’t agree with you on that sorry.

You talk about his CV - apart from Joshua, who else is there from him to prove his worth?

Same with Joshua - he can only beat what’s in front of him. I’m not sure who is there that can actually come in and cause an upset?
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15 Dec 2020 09:52
Exactly what I’m saying mate. It’s a bad era.
I can’t blame them for that.
Although Joshuas resume is far better than Fury’s.

And yes my previous statement stands.
Rachman, Berbick, Golota and Witherspoon would probably beat both of them.

It’s opinions mate. I just think they were in a superior era and would have made world champions in this one.

Put Fury and Joshua and even Kiltscho in the era of Lewis,Tyson, Holyfield and Bowe and they would be on that list below along with the likes of Ruddock,etc.

I’d take Butterbean to beat them all Laughing out loud
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15 Dec 2020 10:11
Could make a case for any heavyweight division champion not being a "true" champion though.

Klitschkos - two decades of fighting bums
Lewis - hit the canvas hard not once but twice to ruin a perfect record
Tyson - Lost to Buster when at the peak in terms of physical shape and his aggression.
Holyfield - he lost TEN times

You can only beat what's put infront of you and Fury has done just that his whole professional career. Think the criticism is a bit harsh myself.
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posted 15 Dec 2020 10:24, edited 15 Dec 2020 10:24
Maybe he is that good?

He has beat what’s put in front of him but stunk the place out more times than I’d like to remember.

Besides his win over Wilder where he went against type he’s a spoiler.
He might walk through Joshua who has a suspect chin.
I hope they both connect though. I’d love to see them both take a count and see a good old school ding dong.

The thing is, and this confirms my earlier point, what’s next beside a second fight which is what’s alleged to be already signed. Even a triple header if its one each.

The division is shite.
Usyk is a cruiser weight but I don’t see another well schooler big fella around.

Please don’t mention Joyce. My god he’s so average.
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15 Dec 2020 10:29
Fury has been written off that whole time as well - which makes it even more admirable. Love him or hate him you gotta give respect - same with Joshua.

And to say those fighter would beat Joshua and Fury is laughable.

Rahman lost to John Ruiz ffs so did Golota

Berbick- give over mate.

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posted 15 Dec 2020 11:05, edited 15 Dec 2020 11:05
FWIW I thought Wilder would destroy Fury the second time round. He didn't and was put on the backfoot every round. Nothing but respect for Fury now.

morgan wrote: The division is shite.

That's never going to change though when you have two 200lb+ men going head to head and just one good connection from an underdog can cause a huge upset. It's also why we love it and discuss it so much Smiling
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15 Dec 2020 11:29
I kind of get where Morgan is coming from, ever since I saw Steve Cunningham put Fury down i've been waiting for him to be found out. But he hasn't been. He has answered every single test put in front of him.

I think people look back on HW with rose tinted specs, none of the HWs in the last 20 years have been as technically gifted as Fury. There I said it. The man moves like a fucking middle weight FFS.

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15 Dec 2020 11:39
Morgan will tell you Rahman and Golota are better Laughing out loud

What’s even more admirable is Fury did it away from home.

I like discussing this but some views need to be called out as bullshit.

Like when Swede blamed me for Brexit Laughing out loud
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15 Dec 2020 11:52
I think you’re forgetting Golota was supposed to be one of Lewis’ toughest fights.

It’s not rose tinted specs to say there were a lot of very good heavyweights in the 80-90s.

That tier below the champs would all have a very good chance of beating Fury and Joshua.

It’s all options like say and I’m not an expert, just an armchair fan so you’re welcome to fuck off my opinions.
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posted 16 Dec 2020 10:07, edited 16 Dec 2020 10:07
morgan wrote: It’s not rose tinted specs to say there were a lot of very good heavyweights in the 80-90s.

Better personalities, yes. Not sure about better fighters.
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17 Dec 2020 20:28
Looking forward to Canelo Smith
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2 Jan 2021 21:41
anyone got a link for tonight?
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2 Jan 2021 21:52
Need to get IPTV mate. It’s worth it just for the boxing.
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2 Jan 2021 23:15
RAMBO wrote: anyone got a link for tonight?

Working on PC but not vouching for it…
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3 Jan 2021 00:06
That was a good fight. Shit result. But good fight.