General Discussion: Top 5 fragrances anyone?

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17 Oct 2017 11:22
888 maybe?
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17 Oct 2017 11:24
got a bottle of CDG2 100ml for sale £55. Sealed
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17 Oct 2017 12:23
Rez wrote: What's this pharell one comparable too in terms of other cdg scents?
1 parts Joop + 3 parts Fahrenheit IMO
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17 Oct 2017 15:14
Laughing out loud
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24 Oct 2017 13:51
Just arrived

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24 Oct 2017 16:58
fudge.dredd wrote: Just arrived

fudge.dredd wrote: Just arrived

It’s a beauty , good work
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posted 4 Nov 2017 11:51, edited 4 Nov 2017 11:51
is there a good alternative for cdg's wonderwood? Wanted to try sth. new after using wonderwood for way too long now…
Diptyque's Tam Dao seem to be a good alterntive from what i found online?!
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4 Nov 2017 11:54
Maybe a bit obvious but have you tried CDG WonderOud? Its different and IMO nicer then WonderWood.

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4 Nov 2017 14:19
Tam Dao is nice. I wear it when I don’t wear wonderwood. My only gripe is I don’t think you get much longevity out of it.
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4 Nov 2017 15:51
int in buying if anyone wants to offload any Cuiron, Labdanum 18 or Musc Ravageur
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5 Nov 2017 14:17
cheers! Just ordered samples from both. Cool
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posted 5 Nov 2017 14:28, edited 5 Nov 2017 14:28

Copped couple of these - for myself and stocking fillers.

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8 Nov 2017 10:56
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8 Nov 2017 11:34

How do you actually get the sample? Keeps taking me to some weird music making "experience".
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8 Nov 2017 12:43
Just click on all of the letters.

The address box doesn't work for me, doesn't do anything!

"Specify your Street number and City in null and click 'Search'"
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8 Nov 2017 15:14
Probably US only? Can't get it to work
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posted 8 Nov 2017 15:56, edited 8 Nov 2017 15:56
Are you trying it in Firefox by any chance? I think it's easier in the other browsers.

I typed in my post code and it let me choose my address, but it wasn't confirming so I wrote it out exactly like it says on the map and it was accepted.
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8 Nov 2017 15:59
type in the postcode, then your street name…
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19 Nov 2017 14:47
Does anyone know of any independant perfume shops, Chemists that have a good selection of fragrances in London.

Looking to get my hands on some hard to find vintgaes, and I know gems pop up in some of these types of old shops, chemists.

I'm aware of one shop in Liverpool Street, and a chemist in Borough that has loads of Frags in their window, just seeing if there is any more out there?
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19 Nov 2017 15:10
What's the one in Liverpool Street?