General Discussion: Top 5 fragrances anyone?

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6 Oct 2019 17:59
LFC wrote:
16simon wrote: Where do you spray it? I thought you were meant to do the pulse points so I spray once under each ear and then use my inner wrist to wipe from there and onto each temple.

You should never wipe, it makes the fragrance disperse quicker. Spray then leave.

4-6 around the neck, underneath ears, both wrists, back of hands, 4-6 in hair. 4-6 on clothes if I know the fragrance won’t stain.

Wondered why I never got good longevity, now I know. Thanks LFC
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6 Oct 2019 20:42
I do 1/2 sprays max. Maybe that's why longevity is shite for me for most fragrances.

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7 Oct 2019 07:44
3 on the neck, 2 on the cheeks, 1 on the hair and two on the chest ftw
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7 Oct 2019 09:00
4-6 around the neck, underneath ears, both wrists, back of hands, 4-6 in hair. 4-6 on clothes if I know the fragrance won’t stain.

Sweet Marie! 20 sprays - Mind blown.
2/4 sprays TOTAL
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7 Oct 2019 09:08
surely it depends on the fragrance… for a heavy fragrance like tuscan leather anything above 4 sprays will be unbearable
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7 Oct 2019 09:30
LFC wrote: if it’s a big projector I obviously go less.
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7 Oct 2019 10:23
2 neck
2 cheek
2 small ones near ears (sometimes)

Carry around one of them tiny atomisers to do 2-3 small sprays throughout day/night.
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7 Oct 2019 12:09
Just to also put a good one out there before Christmas that you can buy for your Mrs but use yourself on the sly -

Widian Liwa is like God’s piss. Proper nice sweet smelling goodness and lasts really well.

5-8 spray recommendation, 12-15 for moistmaker
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posted 7 Oct 2019 13:16, edited 7 Oct 2019 13:16
Patent pending on that moistmaker
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7 Oct 2019 15:11
£215 for 50ml so 15 sprays is about £6.50 worth!

Big hitter territory
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7 Oct 2019 17:43
No spray, no lay.
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7 Oct 2019 20:22
No splash, no gash
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8 Oct 2019 08:54
Too many sprays no matter how fragrant the smell is not pleasant and causes nausea. Can imagine LFC walking by a crowd and causing death and that's not just because he's a big man with a ponytail.
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9 Oct 2019 16:58
believe the istanbul hype. just arrived.
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posted 9 Oct 2019 17:30, edited 9 Oct 2019 17:30
New CDG - Copper.
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9 Oct 2019 17:40
Ulster_Blue wrote: believe the istanbul hype. just arrived.

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13 Oct 2019 13:17
What’s peoples fave winter scents, fancy trying something new.

Done TF Tobacco Vanille and really liked it, like Kilian Back To Black too but it just doesn’t last on me at all.
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posted 13 Oct 2019 14:06, edited 13 Oct 2019 14:06
Not sure it's specifically winter, but one I really like is Itasca Lubin. Bottle is batshit crazy, but one of the best woody scents I've tried.

Edit. they might have updated the bottle.
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13 Oct 2019 17:48
LFC wrote: Few people in my work have tried them. They are ok but not great lasting they have said. Ok for the money I’ve been told.

For a cheaper alternative to more expensive fragrance I’ve found Eden to be really good. £24 for 50ml, the Virgin Island Water and BR540 they do is really good which are the ones I’ve tried.

Got this in the Harrods 10% off as it’s an exclusive for there. Nothing but compliments so far and long lasting. Thomas Kosmala No.4

cheers for the recommendation. been using a sample of BR540 and I like it, but maybe slightly too feminine. picked this up today and it's great.
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posted 13 Oct 2019 19:12, edited 13 Oct 2019 19:12

Been my best buy this year I’d say. For the money compared with br540 it’s a no brainer for me with it being more masculine.

I still like the odd spray of br540 with this though as I do love the sweetness plus it smells amazing on the Mrs so will always have a need for it rather than replacing it.

Wore a Bvlgari Tygar sample over the weekend and loved it. I just can’t justify the price for that though at the minute Cry