General Discussion: Top 5 fragrances anyone?

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2 Jun 2020 18:27
Got a sample of Leisure In Paradise off Jacko (cheers pal). Don’t mind the scent (although not overly blown away by it) but my main issue is I get pretty much zero projection and longevity.
Was gonna buy a bottle of Malibu but think I’ll just try and find a sample for now and see how I get on with that. Anyone else find LIP quite weak, or maybe it just doesn’t agree with my skin type?
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2 Jun 2020 18:55
I can’t say I’ve found it weak to be honest. My Mrs has worn it daily and I can smell it 6ft away when she walks past it’s great.

Some peoples skin just don’t go with certain stuff so could be that like you say. How many sprays were you doing?

I have 5ml of malibu available for £8 if interested.
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2 Jun 2020 18:58
I find LIP to be pretty decent for projection and longevity.
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2 Jun 2020 18:59
Probs 6 sprays but only out of a 10ml atomiser.
Yeah I’ll drop you a PM soon to sort the Malibu off you, cheers.
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9 Sep 2020 18:34
NigelBenn wrote: Blind bought a bottle of PdM Layton and love it. Props again LFC.

Tried a decant of this today, something on the top note which jars, always does with certain frags but haven't a clue what it is (Rosendo 5 has the same and lingers but not in a bad way) but the dry down on Layton is insane, pretty much wrote it off within the first hour but 2 or 3 hours later it's probs one of the nicest I've tried.
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9 Sep 2020 18:51
Yeah the dry down on Layton is great for winter months. Glad you like it.

You should also try ormonde Jayne Montabaco.
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24 Sep 2021 13:39
Has anyone tried CDG Marseille yet?
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24 Sep 2021 14:39
Ronald wrote: Has anyone tried CDG Marseille yet?

Not yet but would like to know.

Tk maxx has 50ml cdg man 2 at the moment, still seems pricey so hoping it gets reduced soon.
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24 Sep 2021 15:25
Just had a fuker reach out for a discount code for my scented candles, so thought i may aswell do another shameless plug in here;

jimmy10 for 10% off
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8 Dec 2021 17:22

got this in recently, great brand if you come across it

basically a slightly sweet cdg hinoki, my new fave