General Discussion: Top 5 fragrances anyone?

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9 Jan 2014 19:48
Noble you ever tried any of Etro's fragrances? They do some fucking lovely ones.
Noble Locks
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9 Jan 2014 20:02
Not that i remember mate.
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20 Jan 2014 09:36
Loving 888. Wish I'd got on it sooner. Just a few sprays seem to last longer than most other fragrances too Cool
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20 Jan 2014 09:45
888 is lovely, can't get enough of cdg white though. longest lasting for me, proper wintery smell
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30 Jan 2014 20:01
Anyone interested in a sealed 100ml DH Intense for £40 posted?
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30 Jan 2014 22:21
just picked up creed aventus - worth a try.
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posted 8 Feb 2014 14:48, edited 8 Feb 2014 14:48
For anyone interested there is a scent used and sold at Massimo Dutti (sorry don't know the name) that is near identical to The Visvim Blaise Mautin FIL No1 scent.
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18 Feb 2014 08:49
What do people think of the Byredo line? Got a load of samples, and tried Immortal this morning. Quite different from anything I've tried before. Can't tell if I like it or if it's a bit obnoxious.
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11 Mar 2014 12:03
What does everyone use as an everyday smelly? Need some inspirations.

Been mixing Tuscan Leather and Oud Wood but as much as I love it I need to curb my use for it.Laughing out loud
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11 Mar 2014 12:27
CDG 888 or CDG 2 generally. When the warmer weather kicks in I'll use Allure Homme Blanche.

Grey Vetiver or Tam Dao in the evenings
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11 Mar 2014 13:05
CDG Wonderwood is a great everyday fragrance
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11 Mar 2014 14:15
I use to be on CDG2 years ago completely grown out of it. Haven't tried any of the new CDG's they seem to be the goto smelly in here. So I am assuming they decent.

Haven't really tried going to diptyque for fragrance I might give them a go.

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11 Mar 2014 14:18
Allure Homme Sport - can still find the 150ml bottles for £75 in most boots/HOF etc, but ask as they are not usually on display for some reason.

Creed Green Irish Tweed - excellent quality and very versatile, huge compliment getter. Quite pricey but can pick up 75ml for just under a ton at at the moment (RRP £150).
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11 Mar 2014 14:31
I know this has been asked but the hype cdg2 is unisex aint it?
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11 Mar 2014 17:13
Wear Lanvin myself, but went to the Jo Malone store in cov garden with my girl recently..pretty sure they're marketed at women but they've got some colognes that would be fine for a geezer, might pick one up when this bottle's done.
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21 Apr 2014 23:55
What do people think of Black Orchid? Had a spray for first time earlier and thought it was nice, mrs said too strong though.
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22 Apr 2014 00:14
My everyday scent, birds love it.

You smelt Creed Aventis??
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22 Apr 2014 01:25
No, good?

Cheapest place for black orchid?
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2 May 2014 19:55
aventus 75ml going cheap anywhere at the mo?
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2 May 2014 21:32
Diptyque tam dao parfum - wears in really nice and lasts all day, get loads of comments from girls