Random Fashion Questions: Trainer Cleaning Thread

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30 Jun 2010 19:28
Whats the best way to clean these please?

p.s. sorry schtoop
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30 Jun 2010 19:31
dont bother..walk by and scoff at the the people who think its hoffic. then shit in thema dn post through xchoops letter box
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30 Jun 2010 19:32
Scrub them with vanish and stick em in the washing machine on 30 degrees.
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30 Jun 2010 19:36
Once mesh/nylon gets dirty its fucked. I await the naysayers but I have put Air Max in the washing machine with vanish pre wash sprayed on and got good results, it will damage the midsole to an extent though.

Before using the machine try Kids trainer cleaner after giving them a good rub or using nailbrush to get the surface dirt off.
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30 Jun 2010 19:59
I used Cif/Jif? on the mesh toe box of a pair of 87s the other day worked a treat. Get alil bit on a toothbrush scrub while rising it off with alittle trickle of water over them. Only did the front toe box. Made alot of difference.
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30 Jun 2010 20:33
vampire blood
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1 Jul 2010 08:35
people always say never machine wash trainersm however ive always got really good results, stick em in a pillowcase and put on a cool wash
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1 Jul 2010 09:25
washing machine advice is right but I am certain this weekens the air bubble as I have done this on several pairs of Bowermans and they burst shortly afterwards…

So if you really care about them hand wash and Vanish…
carl lewis
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1 Jul 2010 10:11
Fairy washing up liquid, a white towel and hot water.
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1 Jul 2010 11:07

white foaming handsoap and hot water
job dooooooone
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1 Jul 2010 12:46
Jason Markk has been very good for me so far, even worked on those redwing type spongey soles.
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8 Jul 2010 17:53
Is there any way to get creases out of mesh toeboxes?
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21 May 2013 11:21
got a bit of discoloring on the mesh toebox on my NB 998's - guess its "just" beer… whats the best way to get them full white again?

- ordered some of this jason markk stuff everyone seems to be impressed about…
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19 Apr 2019 15:22
anyone ever managed to "un-yellow" some soles. got some cp bballs that have tonnes of life left but sole looks a bit vintage… any tips? see some shit on youtube shilling different products but surely it can be done with some household items
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19 Apr 2019 15:34
whoa Easy- How To Clean / Whiten Trainer Soles (No Nonsense Guide)
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19 Apr 2019 16:02

Been meaning to sort a pair of mine where the soles are yellowed. I’m right in thinking though that if the peroxide got on the black suede upper it would bleach them?
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19 Apr 2019 16:50
yeah you'd have to be careful. could always touch up black leather with polish though
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19 Apr 2019 19:30
Tarrago Sneakers Sole Restorer?


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20 Apr 2019 07:01
I got one of these recently worked really well

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26 May 2019 16:50



got another summer out of them Cool