General Discussion: T.V Highlights Of The Week!

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6 Dec 2017 10:30
Wasn't Narcos done? Only two seasons I think. Anyway, How to Get Away with Murder, anyone?
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7 Dec 2017 00:32
Gomorra S3 with english subs available on pirate bay now

Just finished Godless, Jeff Daniels is great in it
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8 Dec 2017 17:37
Did the whole of Godless in the weekend it came out, if you enjoy westerns you'll love it, fuk fav actor Jack O'Connell is just superb, hope he gets offered the serious hollywood parts he clearly deserves now.
The Detectorists is still excellent into its third season, the new Fargo was probably the best one yet, Stranger Things 2 was watchable no doubt but failed to live upto series one by just trading on eighties stereotypes and having no clearly defined "baddie". Ozark was really bingey, not breaking bad as everyone points out but what is? New Better Call Saul was still the best thing on at anytime and Larry Davids return was very welcome, his anti pc culture comedy is needed more than ever in this SJW time we find ourselves in now, also honorable mention to Big Little Lies as a decent show I could actually watch with the Mrs, and mention to The Deuce, David Simon still bringing it, although The Wire will forever be the first line on his wiki bio even though in interviews he clearly doesn't like what that implies. Oh and mention to Legion, very weird in a good way and Mindhunter which everyone says is great.
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8 Dec 2017 21:21
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9 Dec 2017 10:06
Enjoying the German series 'Dark' on Netflix. Good mystery/thriller and quite different, don't want to say much to avoid spoilers.
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9 Jan 2018 16:45
Read an interview with Professor Green in the Times over Xmas regarding white working class males and the lack of social mobility. Episode 1 on Channel 4 tonight @ 10pm could be worth a watch.

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9 Jan 2018 16:59
smith wrote:
OnlyOneStop wrote: Just finished that 10 part Vietnam War documentary on the BBC - amazing

It really is. Just over half way through.

this on iplayer?
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9 Jan 2018 17:37
Yes it is. And it’s one of the nest Vietnam docs I’ve seen. Riveting.
Watch that along with the Mcnamara doc that Errol Morris did. Maybe the best doc I’ve ever seen too.
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9 Jan 2018 18:09
snaye wrote: Enjoying the German series 'Dark' on Netflix. Good mystery/thriller and quite different, don't want to say much to avoid spoilers.

Thought this was good.
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11 Jan 2018 23:12
Piers Morgan being Piers Morgan on Question Time, reckon Dawn Butler might rise to the bait if he continues.
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16 Jan 2018 22:33
Prof. Green doc on 4 is on point (apart from the rascal Supreme pieces he's been rocking); was last week too.