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26 Jan 2018 09:52
MoB wrote:
RickRude wrote: Quite suprised "Get Out" has received so many oscar nominations. It was a good film granted - but not that good? Are horrors now being appreciated more or is it appeasing the oscars so white movement?

Definitely an element of social commentary, it was good but nothing on some recent horror films.

Agreed - Enjoyable Tales of the Unexpected. nothing more.
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5 Feb 2018 13:32
Not sure if this or the LCD threads the best place for this question. Bought a new 4K TV and want to test out UHD movies before forking out for a player. What's the best place for that? Got a Sony so not sure if that limits me in terms of apps. Want to watch Blade Runner 2049.
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5 Feb 2018 13:51
full SOLO (not the ToiletBOWL half time preview)

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7 Feb 2018 12:25
anyone on this?

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9 Feb 2018 13:36
New Wes Anderson next month..

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24 Apr 2018 07:23

TH and RA in what looks like a SNL sketch of a SuperHero film…just looks terrible