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4 Jun 2013 01:10
Arne Dahl is pretty good. Got though a few episodes. 3 hrs each…

Bit like the Wire mixed with every other Dutch tv thriller. Second episode is a little farfetched.

On iPlayer for another 2 weeks.
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4 Jun 2013 11:17
Gizmo wrote: Game of Thrones latest episode really good. That ending Jawdropping!
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4 Jun 2013 12:02
Toasted wrote: Hannibal is good.
I just think of this sketch every time he tries to re-enact the killings in his head
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4 Jun 2013 12:12
Saw the first 25 minutes of The Fall and got bored…should I give it another chance?
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4 Jun 2013 20:39
ballso wrote:
Burt wrote: Whoever mentioned that 'Parks and Recreation' upped its' game during Season 2 was spot on - some genuine laugh out loud moments throughout. Great programme.

word. i watched all five seasons in something like a month. one of my favourite shows of all time i think. so good!

Glad to be of service.
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4 Jun 2013 22:52
Watched the first 4 eps of arrested development so far and feel its on par so far with series 3 - suppose I was expecting better.
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7 Jun 2013 13:10
V/H/S 2 torrent up:
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17 Jun 2013 22:29
mad men Jawdropping!
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22 Jun 2013 01:00
Gotta say, Hannibal tv show is fucking mint, glad i stuck with it. Tried 6 episodes of the other serial killer tv series - The Following, before concluding its shite and made me appreciate Hannibal more. Didnt like the actor that plays Will at first but am over that now and Mads Mikkelson is really good, totally believable as a serial killer. About to watch the last in series Sad
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22 Jun 2013 11:57
Which (free) torrent sites are people using for recent movies, please?
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22 Jun 2013 12:13
Extra torrent
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25 Jun 2013 13:30
I'm looking for an episode of Street Crime UK (episode 20 from series 3, 2004) but haven't got a clue where to look. Found some links to torrent sites where it's been added but the sites have all been taken down. Some eps on YouTube but can't find the one I want. Where should I be looking?
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1 Jul 2013 20:13
pirate bay so unstable right now, getting harder to dl stuff Evil
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1 Jul 2013 20:29
New season of Dexter started last night…got interesting at the end Smiling
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1 Jul 2013 20:46
What number season it now Vazza? worth a watch?
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1 Jul 2013 20:54
Season 8. Thought last season was shit but ending of the opener has got me back into it.
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1 Jul 2013 21:41
The new series of Veep is quite good. Theres supposed to be a new series of Eastbound and Down later in the year too.
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3 Jul 2013 20:16
Just breezed through 2 seasons of Homeland this week, impressed. Ending to season 2 was great. Glad I gave this a second chance.
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3 Jul 2013 20:31
The Americans is worth a watch. Bit like a cheesier Homeland, which I accept doesn't sell it, but Keri Russell and whoever plays her husband are decent.
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3 Jul 2013 21:22
Cool might check that out before season three starts