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6 Mar 2016 06:01
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6 Mar 2016 06:12
Holly fucking shit Nate was awesome
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6 Mar 2016 06:41
Ninja shit! Had a hunch Nate would win by submission. Aldo firing shots at mcgregor now too on his insta. the fantasy is over now give me my rematch at ufc 200, you pussy Laughing out loud
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6 Mar 2016 07:18
McGregor gave to much in the first round. Looked absolutely fucked once Diaz was landing some good punches. Bad move to try and take it to him on the ground imo.
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6 Mar 2016 07:32
It's not like he gave it his all in the first, he didn't look fucked until that left connected, then he looked out on his feet! if Nate had took a step back he could of finished him with punches.
What do we thinks next? I reckon he goes back to 145 and beats either or both Edger or Aldo then has another pop at light weight, doubt hell got a shot at RDA straight up though. Nate should get a title shot I reckon.
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6 Mar 2016 08:15
deuce wrote: Going to be a bit :/ if Connor gets knocked out
Rousey all over again
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6 Mar 2016 12:17
Connor carrying to much weight for his frame for me in that fight and was head hunting from the off, nate made a great point and re-iterated it again in the post fight press conference about who he trains with compared to Connor. Connor is massive for featherweight so has a huge advantage there and would be foolish not to move back down. To be fair he probably doesn't have much choice now anyway.
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6 Mar 2016 12:32
It shouldn't be a massive long term negative for McGregor - he was fighting 2 weight categories above.

What it should hopefully do is get him away from headhunting so much, and tighten up his striking defence (which has progressively got worse). Had a bit of nice jiu jitsu at the end of round 1.

And fair play to Tate (bet Dana White is swearing)
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6 Mar 2016 12:42
On paper maybe, but Nate is not two weight classes above him
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6 Mar 2016 12:53
Agree about conor's striking defence, he's become to reliant on his chin and his power at the lower weights.
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6 Mar 2016 14:20
I think he partially played his loss on his own strategy. He is too keen to get that early KO, he doesn't look at a fight rounds 1-5 but only the first one or two. When he got hit with that left he should have just played defense until the round bell. Then he could have regrouped and stabilised. Victim of his own ego in the ring. Fair play to Nate though, rocked him and just applied serious pressure. Soon as Connor rolled on the canvas game over!
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6 Mar 2016 14:41
kinda saw it coming tbh

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6 Mar 2016 15:00
Makes me think RDA would have beasted him, could you imagine him fighting Lawler? He'd get killed
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6 Mar 2016 16:45
no doubt
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6 Mar 2016 23:43
Love them both so wasn't too bothered about result but kinda glad Diaz shut the doylems on Facebook up.

McGregor looked spent in the second even early on.
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7 Mar 2016 00:01
Glad so many people got on board the Connor hypetrain. Meant the bookies were offering 4/1 on Diaz.
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7 Mar 2016 06:06
Mental that so many went against diaz
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7 Mar 2016 15:06
adidaskev wrote: Nate implies in the interview with Fox that he thinks that submission will be his way to winning. Conor has been working with his movement coach shitloads this last week - possibly fears the sub.

Now I just wish I had stuck the bet on. Some got 40/1 Sick!

McGregor's jaw couldn't handle Diaz combo's, hence going for the takedown which he was probably told pre-fight not to do.

Agree with the round 1-2 mindset, was trying the KO uppercut every couple of punches - tried some kicks and then went back to the uppercut. Never tried jabbing his way into Nate's jaw much.

McGregor will fight Aldo at 200 and if he wins he'll go back after 155. If he doesn't then I could see him fighting Edgar, who IMO should get a chance at Conor before Aldo does. But that's the UFC all over.

Nordine Taleb's KO on Saturday night btw Ubercool

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8 Mar 2016 08:26
He was trying to hard to live up to his own prediction as pre fight he'd said it would be finished via the uppercut. He doesn't carry the size to put people away with 1 punch at 170, i fear for him at 155 too if i'm honest.

He still has people's interest but would do well to keep a lid on it for a while at least until after he's had another fight at 145
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8 Mar 2016 09:26
Don't forget Nate is ranked 5th in lightweight division, hasn't competed at welterweight for a while, so I would be really concerned with how he fairs in the 155 division. Would've been mauled by Dos Anjos.