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6 Sep 2020 19:13
Going on the zip line at the Eden Project was cool but the gravity swing is terrifying. Not sure if either are open in covid times.
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7 Sep 2020 08:25
MoB wrote:
compulsiveshopper wrote: I understand it is normally unbearably busy in Skye during peak tourist season. A trend towards stacking stones has emerged as well. Where else did you go in Scotland?

I think the majority we encountered (I'd say at least 40% of the island is shut) we're grateful for the tourism they have now. Probably what they'd like year on year rather than the swarm they get.
Spent a night near loch Lomond in a gaff called suie hunting lodge was fantastic. Also a premier Inn near glasgow. We did 6 nights in skye though which was enough for the hikes we wanted to do. Bloody love northern Scotland though, unbelievable places up there.
The 500 is up next I think.


We went to Skye for the day a few days before you, was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't as rammed as I thought it would be. Had visions of ending up in a kind of convoy around the island going to the same places as everyone else but it wasn't like that thankfully.
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7 Sep 2020 20:26
Unusual in some ways that Skye hasn't been completely mobbed. The Highlands generally likewise haven't been all that busy