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22 Jun 2020 15:34
quest wrote:
Crackajack wrote:
quest wrote: Rogan’s stand up isn’t funny.

Richard Herring i don’t find funny doing stand up, but his podcast interviews can be very good imo, same for Adam Buxton’s podcast

The Richard Herring bit about Railways and the Holocaust magazine (it seems to be a real thing) was some of the funniest stand up I have seen. It was at a small club after a fair few drinks mind.

do you remember which year/tour you saw him?

It was a pre-Edinburgh show and that material was from a previous tour. Not much help but maybe in 2014, just googled and he wrote a blog in 2013 about the aforementioned magazine so after then I guess.
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22 Jun 2020 15:53
pentonville wrote:
YLAup wrote: Anyone heard of Pappys?

Yes! In 2010 a friend and I went, really stoned, to a basement show in Shepherd’s Bush to see Stewart Lee who was previewing new material as part of a comedy club lineup. Andreas Epithymiou(sp?) opened and was a pleasant surprise. Then Stewart Lee who tore this tiny place a new one. Then the headline act, a sketch troupe called Pappy’s Fun Club who were instantly recognisable as the sort of chuckling sixth form geeks who got bullied out of admission to the common room. We had no choice but to leave 90 seconds in. For some reason my mate was carrying a massive sports hold-all and we had to clamber over most of the front row to get out. They made much ‘mirth’ of this and I would’ve expected them to have disbanded based on the lack of response they got from the entire room. So yes, I’ve heard of them.

Struck a chord thenLaughing out loud

Bird I've been seeing well into their lockdown zoom shows, not the greatest comedy platform anyway, but I can't see the comedy. One of them 100% better on his own.
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22 Jun 2020 15:55
Lee and Herring, the best comedy duo name ever created