Menswear: UNIQLO Thread

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posted 28 Feb 2009 17:46, edited 28 Feb 2009 17:46
The official UNIQLO thread.
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14 Nov 2017 11:50
The 100% lambswool jumpers are a bargain for £20. Good shout for the coming months
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14 Nov 2017 12:00
Sneakysbest wrote: anyone know hwo the Uniqlo x JW anderson stuff fits, looking to pick up the shirts, but from the photos they seem to be oversized?

I take the same size in them as normal Uniqlo shirts
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14 Nov 2017 12:49
I'm feeling this Wenger coat, but are there any better alternatives at the same price point or cheaper?!
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14 Nov 2017 21:45
Mine fit TTS
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14 Nov 2017 23:56
how do their ultra light down jackets fit? Need something cheap and warm for skating in
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15 Nov 2017 10:27
Large / TTS.

I'm between sizes and go with the smaller one.
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21 Nov 2017 08:56
i dont suppose anyone brought the jw andserson x uniqlo mac in a large, or even x large and wants to swap it for my medium? i've worn 2-3 times
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21 Nov 2017 09:21
Anyone has got this in black, size M to sell?;_403167_color=COL09&cgid;=IDknitwear26152#
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21 Nov 2017 19:19;_400514_color=COL09&cgid;=

Anyone got one of these? Looking for a cheap warm winter coat as I've realised I have loads of jackets without any actually being warm Laughing out loud
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22 Nov 2017 01:38
Yes I have the one from last season and tried it on the other day in London and its just as good as last years.
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24 Nov 2017 21:45
Kaws x Peanuts;_content=54144909905&utm;_medium=email&utm;_source=Uniqlo