Menswear: UNIQLO Thread

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posted 28 Feb 2009 17:46, edited 28 Feb 2009 17:46
The official UNIQLO thread.
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2 Oct 2015 12:18
the taylored jacket in wool/mohair is super nice
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2 Oct 2015 13:42
Bought the Wool/Cashmere coat (online) - anyone seen that IRL?
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3 Oct 2015 00:35
^ I saw the wool cashmere blazer if thats what you were referring to, definitely worth the £30 extra from the wool one, the wool £100 one was actually terrible quality - wool was so bad it felt like primark quality, whereas the cashmere blazer one was a lot better lined and actually had weight to the jacket. also came with zipped and buttoned pockets which I rated highly
Double D
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3 Oct 2015 00:43
Camel coat isn't half bad for the price if that kinda thing's up your street, just missed the Lemaire stuff in the flesh sadly.
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3 Oct 2015 12:41
Trumps wrote: Which store will be stocking the Lemaire stuff?

Regent street. I want the button down
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5 Oct 2015 09:11
Anyone know what the stock is like in the Regent st store? A ton of stuff already seems to have gone online.
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5 Oct 2015 09:15
Most stuff was already gone by Friday lunchtime, and folk were circling like vultures around what was left. Probably not worthwhile going in now. (well, if you're after normal sizes)
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5 Oct 2015 09:20
Seriously? They must have had fuck all stock.
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5 Oct 2015 10:29
I tend to find that UNIQLO's online stock is very limited with all their items
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5 Oct 2015 12:28
Never re-up either
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5 Oct 2015 12:37
Yeah their online stock is awful but usually better in-store
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posted 5 Oct 2015 13:18, edited 5 Oct 2015 13:18
I managed to pick up the full cashmere wool suit on Sat Morning in Regents Street, place was a tip though just people rifling through clothes and chucking them back on the stands
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5 Oct 2015 13:44
Need some oxfords anyway so I'll pop in this evening and see what's left in the carnage
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posted 5 Oct 2015 16:26, edited 5 Oct 2015 16:26
I've been very impressed with some of the stuff I've bought from Uniqlo this year.

The wool stretch slim fit trousers and stretch long sleeve slim fit easycare shirts are the best formal workwear I've had: good quality and perfect fit for me, with a little give for gym gains. The Merino wool knits are as nice as my John Smedley ones. The Supima cotton trunks are perfect and the windproof cotton trousers and hooded jacket are very well made.

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8 Oct 2015 23:22
I've got the hooded coat in navy large i'm going to send back unless someone here wants it for £150 (rrp). Its pretty good but too big for me. this one - let me know

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10 Oct 2015 01:15
I have the green lemaire shirt with the hidden buttons in a large if anybody wants it ? £35 delivered for GJ's.
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10 Oct 2015 10:48
Just picked up the sweat pants, really good
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12 Oct 2015 10:50
There any stock left instore anywhere?
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12 Oct 2015 10:55
High St Ken and kingston had some bits when I went it.
What are you after?
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12 Oct 2015 11:34
The shawl jacket and some collarless shirts, larger sizes