Random Fashion Questions: US Proxy Fuker?

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24 Feb 2017 12:00
Does shipito mark down?
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24 Feb 2017 21:50
^ You fill out the customs declaration online so you can declare whatever value you want
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24 Feb 2017 22:11
When DJT isn't available coz he's too busy kicking ass I also use shipito. Never had a problem and I used their assisted purchase to get stuff off sites that don't take foreign cards (why should they? Fuck the dumb ass rest-of-the-world, USA!) for the first time the other day to get stuff off Hanes.com. Worked perfect and their fee was pretty minimal. I've used Sayword before that who's always reliable but seems to be MIA from here these days.. Sad
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5 Mar 2017 19:52
Anyone confirm which is better - shipville or shipitto?
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26 Apr 2017 12:58
16simon wrote: I've been using www.shipito.com for 2+ years - never had any problems

this fully decent? just need an amazon order for some cycling shoes. whats the overall fee? fucking shipping from the USA to the UK seems to be fucking a ripoff
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2 Jul 2017 22:33
Need a US proxy! Can anyone be of assistance ?
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25 Aug 2017 08:19
Any decent proxies that mark down?
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25 Aug 2017 10:07
Also after one. PM please if any info Cool
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31 Aug 2017 15:46
Off track a little, but what price in dollars should I ask someone to mark down to avoid paying U.K. Customs?
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31 Aug 2017 16:06
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31 Aug 2017 18:45
Don't know if they mark down but a guy at work used https://www.myus.com/ for a shipment of 5+ Baseball & NFL hats from some lids. Didn't pay no customs. Could be worth a look.
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31 Aug 2017 22:06
Cheers boss
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12 Sep 2017 23:39
Didn't want to create a new thread but

Anyone based in France/Italy/Germany who can help me out with an order? Won't deliver to uk.
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30 Sep 2017 00:06
Anyone know a US proxy? It's only a tshirt so nothing huge.