Classifieds: Brand new WTAPS MIL BDU. Black NYCO. Sz 2 / Medium (32-33).

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posted 2 Dec 2019 14:29, edited 2 Dec 2019 14:29
Anyone interested in these wTaps MIL BDU's?
Touch too small for me.

Size: 2 (fit 32-33 waist).
Black. NYCO Ripstop (pic of green pair for illustrative purposes).
Tried on for about 60 seconds.
RRP was near £400.


Not entirely sure that there'll be a lot of interest in this stuff, but listing just in case.

I love the Visvim jeans, but they're a bit tight in the thigh for me (perils of being a cyclist). The Acronym J36… I've decided I'm a medium in this jacket, so letting it go for retail. And the Lego… ended up with two of these so selling one. I believe it's sold out, so get it for a good price here for yourself / children / loved one's who are ST fans.

Also have these listed elsewhere, but best prices here.

Visvim Social Sculpture 04
Tagged 34 x 32 (actual measures when laid flat: waist 42.5cm across. inside leg 83cm. ankle opening 18.5cm)
Bought these unwashed from END a while back.
I've worn these a bit and washed them cold twice, so they are softening up lovely. Still tonnes of life left.
Fades starting to appear everywhere.
As mentioned above, they are just a fraction too tight on the thigh for my personal liking.
SOLD SOLD SOLD I believe retail was close to £400 and is now nearer £500…

Acronym J36-S RAF
Size Large. Complete with bag, tags, spec sheet and original postage box.
Selling as I've decided I need a medium in this one.
Looking for retail, which is SOLD SOLD SOLD.
I know it's eye watering, but well, them's the breaks.
If anyone's interested then let me know. Price is pretty firm, but would also love to get this gone pre-Christmas so happy to chat.

Lego Stranger Things Upside Down
Brand new in box, still factory sealed.
Ended up with two of these but obviously don't need two (arguable don't need one…).
Believe it's sold out now.
I got it for a little under retail, so looking for SOLD SOLD SOLD I believe retail was £180 / £190.
Make someone's Christmas was this one…
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4 Dec 2019 12:58
ACRNM & Lego sold.
Price drop on Visvim jeans.
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10 Dec 2019 13:03
PM for you
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10 Dec 2019 21:56
^Jeans sold, but BDU's added…
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28 Dec 2019 10:27
BDU's dropped.