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16 Jan 2012 10:02
Love the use of cord on the Lamina backpack , again crazay monay however
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16 Jan 2012 11:07
I'd love that bag. Think it's great.
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16 Jan 2012 11:09
sydneyking wrote: I like it
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16 Jan 2012 13:03
DuffMan wrote: Into tribal drumming and crystal healing?

Laughing out loud
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16 Jan 2012 13:51
i think its cool minus the corduroy bit, should have made it with a destroyed blue leather Cool
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16 Jan 2012 16:14
timmbo wrote: long shot, but if anyone got on those brown yuccas from a yoox a while ago and want to trade a UK9.5 for a 10, get at me Cool.

Yoox had yuccas in? Shocked When was that?
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17 Jan 2012 13:49
Ooooo check the new fancy Visvim pearly necklace on HB …. quite nice actually
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17 Jan 2012 14:24
oh yes! those are so sweeet!!!! i am loving visvim accessories… those heishi and turquoise necklace, then recently some goros-esque necklaces, and now more of these native american shit! curious to know the price though, might pick up some, cant resist anymore.
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19 Jan 2012 23:36
Quite like those viz lagos'
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19 Jan 2012 23:36

quite like the beads but £!

morning mist
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19 Jan 2012 23:40
you can put together those neclases for a couple of quid yourself. visvim pricing is jokes.
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19 Jan 2012 23:57
Really is emperor's new clothes shit with those necklaces

That last one's a bit of string with a 5p coin attached for fucks sake Smiling
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19 Jan 2012 23:58
I wanna quote those pictures and reply 'not sure if serious'
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20 Jan 2012 00:01
I love some of what Visvim puts out, but Hiroki is disappearing up his own arse more and more each season.
Noble Locks
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20 Jan 2012 00:06
he really is taking the piss out of people who think they are cool now. Laughing out loud
its the opposite of supreme, but still as deeply shite.
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20 Jan 2012 08:49
£650 for the pearly necklace … Im right , Hiroki is very very deluded Laughing out loud
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20 Jan 2012 14:35
The guys is an absolute don, you gotta give him credit.

For that money you could fly to Mexico and get an American Indian to make you one.
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20 Jan 2012 14:43
Visvim is now a cunt brand.
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20 Jan 2012 14:46
Does anyone remember the turquoise number from S/S 11 ?

In Hong Kong store they had it priced at HK $ 28,800!! I guess in the back of that he is now creating more Indiana and making mark ups that would put even Philip Green to shame ( who incidentally was his boss, when Nakamura worked at Burton)

What a funny world we live in! Roll Eyes
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20 Jan 2012 14:47
morning mist wrote: you can put together those neclases for a couple of quid yourself. visvim pricing is jokes.

this. or get actual indian beads, ill even proxy. lord knows they need it more than hiroki.

or start a goros's set up, will be worth more than these beads in the long run