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16 Jul 2013 20:55
is it the new one - way too small for me but just wondered if they fit smaller than the denims?

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16 Jul 2013 21:36
from a couple of seasons back ? same as the one you sold.
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16 Jul 2013 22:00
ah ok - nice jacket someone should cop, vazzas too at that price.
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16 Jul 2013 22:27
Sheepskin jacket is real nice, like the down jacket and the 'no left or right' shoes too

Can anyone I.D his shades ?
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16 Jul 2013 22:30
Just seen the new suede kilgores Jawdropping! so so nice, but will be outrageously priced no doubt.
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17 Jul 2013 06:18
The cord ones look really nice, hopefully they won't all have those patches on
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17 Jul 2013 10:44
The leather/shearling jacket Hiroki rocks is a Patton IT. Sooo it's leather/shearling jacket and IT release…probably more like 550 000 JPY rather than 300 000 Smiling
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17 Jul 2013 11:05
In Lanz's price range then.
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17 Jul 2013 11:08
Really looking forward to the Gore-Tex jackets…only Vis bits i always really liked
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17 Jul 2013 11:31
damn so much good looking pieces, even though i'm not that much into that natural dyed pfd.
sheepskin will be expensive for those who will be quick enough to catch it, must be very limited
funny thing but i like hirokis voice, feels so relaxing with the background music, really nicely made
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17 Jul 2013 13:28
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17 Jul 2013 16:17
rural wrote: In Lanz's price range then.

If only. If the kilgore @ 70k+ & new SS albacore at 60k is anything to go by I'm the greedy kid whos just looking in the sweet shop window Sad

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17 Jul 2013 16:43
Kilgore via proxy looking at about £600 then
Suede ones likely double and then some.
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17 Jul 2013 18:18
Does anybody know what shirts and jackets dover street market carries? My friend is there at the moment, would like to be prepared if there is something worth buying or not.
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17 Jul 2013 20:23
Was there at the weekend. Not a lot on display Only shirts i recall seeing we're the one wash & the damaged SS albacore + a weld shirt.
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17 Jul 2013 21:53
A/W collection is out now at DSM, no?
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17 Jul 2013 22:04
In HK atm, if anyone needs pick ups from F.I.L give me a shout.
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17 Jul 2013 22:51
@Pops you mean the SS Damaged Albacore was re-released for FW13 season or was it still SS13 stuff?
-edit- or did you mean the new SS Albacore with different 'patches'?
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17 Jul 2013 23:09
It's probably the one from SS13 with the cross elbow patches. Silly price too, iirc it was >£500 when I last popped in a while back.
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18 Jul 2013 08:32
Sorry , I meant the SS13 version : £635 for the damaged Eek