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17 Apr 2017 06:58
Legit check on these FBT
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19 Apr 2017 17:39
What's the going rate for a pair of Virgils. All seem around the £800 mark when I manage to find a pair in my size
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22 Apr 2017 06:46
Looking for a 101 or 103 dmg in size 2. Anyone looking to move one on?
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30 Apr 2017 09:32
Anyone remember what this style shirt was called?

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30 Apr 2017 20:31
Willing to buy
Visvim Kilgore olive size 1 (or willing to trade my size 2 against the size 1)
Virgil boots light brown 8US
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posted 4 May 2017 10:18, edited 4 May 2017 10:18

It annoys when idiots say £50 or whatever is too expensive for a T-shirt when they cost 11p in Primark, as if they're the same thing, but surely £420 is just ludicrous? If you're buying this then you either have fucked up priorities or more money than sense.

I'm not even saying it's not worth the money on some level - it might have been handwoven from whale sperm by Himalayan monks - but FFS.

For all its pretense I do quite like what Visvim do, I just find the prices stupid. Even if I was truly minted I just couldn't bring myself to cough up for it. Was it always this daft?

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4 May 2017 11:38
as the brand's hype has built up over the last few years their prices have gotten steadily more and more ludicrous in my opinion, especially if you're buying from a retailer outside of Japan.

i saw that tee this morning and thought the exact same thing to be honest. even by visvim's lavish standards it really stood out as utterly ridiculous pricing! i bet the guys at end are taxing hard as well though!
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4 May 2017 12:20
It's probably got a good deal to do with the fact the yen is worth 1/3 more against the pound than it was a few years ago too. That tee does seem a bit nuts though - you can buy an albacore for the same (silly) money.
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4 May 2017 17:55
That's just fuckin crazy.
I have the same LS version I might try and shift for £500.
Joking of course but it's gone nuts with brexit and the exchange rate.

It's not just Vis. Everything has gone up. EG is the same. 2-300 quid for a shirt which was £150 18 months ago.
I think a lot of retailers are taking the piss and have gone way above what the import costs have relatively.
I can afford it but I won't pay it out of principle.

You know they are all taking the piss when Cabourn ups the prices on all his made in England stuff.

Wherever the gear is made now we are fucked over.
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4 May 2017 18:57
Them margins… Cool

Price point wise it's just become a luxury brand. Prices are in line with Gucci, YSL even Haider etc. Admittedly the price hikes are a pain in the arse, but I can't see any way back now.
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4 May 2017 21:08
them vintage motorbike restorations aint gonna pay for themselves
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posted 5 May 2017 07:08, edited 5 May 2017 07:08
To be honest I've switched most of my wardrobe to buying RRL, it's made in Mexico and China and the USA and not Japan sadly but in the most part quality seems really good.

Aesthetically apart from the older technical pieces I own and some footwear (which Visvim always surpasses expectations with) I've been looking at lots of other brands for a few years which I find more accessible and obtainable and less expensive to own. Keeping the essentials but selling the rest year on year.

I do love Visvim, the cuts are usually spot on and its understated brilliance. Truly special pieces which have always turned up from Japan with details and fabrics which are amazing.
Prices however are a joke over here and have been for years. I've never purchased anything from Europe via a store either eBay or proxy for me.
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5 May 2017 09:06
morgan wrote: You know they are all taking the piss when Cabourn ups the prices on all his made in England stuff.

Wherever the gear is made now we are fucked over.

interesting to see comparison price of NC stuff here and in Japan. Like you say fucked either way. I can give nige a knock and ask why!?Laughing out loud
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7 May 2017 16:49
Do Maliseet fit the same as the FBTs?
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7 May 2017 17:10
Not sure on the more recent maliseet releases, but I'd go half size up on the og's from your fbt size
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7 May 2017 19:14
Cheers mate
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19 May 2017 19:20
Got an annoying oil stain on a pair of Vis chinos. Don't look like it's coming out. On the lower leg & thinking a tailor could make into shorts. Doable?
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posted 19 May 2017 20:46, edited 19 May 2017 20:46
try dip/boiling the bottom of the leg with a strong detergent/oil remover several times. If you boil washed them whole it would definitely come out - although they would more than likely be fucked.
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20 May 2017 10:53
Tried this already but still noticeable. They are light stone colour so show up everything. Think i'll try the convert to shorts route. Anyone know the leg length of Vis chino shorts?
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20 May 2017 12:15
How big is the stain? Stick a patch on it? Definitely Hiroki approved.