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1 Jan 2013 17:53
inverse square wrote:
RickRude wrote: Original tan red wing mic toes for sub £150 in a 8
Shouldn't be difficult in the sale. Jsut find a lsit of stockists and keep looking. From memory Next and USC stock them and usually reduce them to sub £100.

Speaking from experience, do not order them from Next
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1 Jan 2013 19:04

Second that David, they sent you the the wrong size, yeah ? Done that on two consecutive occasions on me.
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1 Jan 2013 23:09
vans old skool lx white leather in a us 9/uk 8
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2 Jan 2013 00:46
Someone please sell me a pair of nike janoski in pine green/pacific blue/white perf/sports red/tiffany in us7-7,5 or show me a store that got them in stock
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2 Jan 2013 02:51
uniqlo peacoat in xs pref navy, sold out online Sad
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2 Jan 2013 03:08
apc petit standard raw black size 28
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2 Jan 2013 19:40
APC's with 'epic fadez' NS size 30 or 31 not hemmed with original leg length.
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2 Jan 2013 20:52
Decent umbrella for less than £50?
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3 Jan 2013 14:38
Apologies for the repetition, but I'm trying to sort myself out some new outerwear, I'm after a peacoat with leather sleeves, and a wool parka, and I'm yet to see anything I like more than the COS ones from a few seasons ago, so if anyone has either in a 46 or 48 then PM me, cheers.

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3 Jan 2013 16:20
sideflaps/wings for visvim FBTs.
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3 Jan 2013 17:23
I'm after visvim hockney to fit uk8. I you have a pair you want to shift or see some going cheap pm me
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3 Jan 2013 17:34

these guys are proper sound, decent selection too, were you looking for these ones?
they've also got white perf in a 7.
hope this helps

edit: for emisery
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3 Jan 2013 18:24
Quite an average want here..
Any nice blue jumpers in the sale? knitted or sweat..
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3 Jan 2013 18:25
cutandpaste wrote: Decent umbrella for less than £50?
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3 Jan 2013 19:34
I'm looking for a minimal wool or cashmere coat similar to this one:

in a size large or eu50 maybe even a generous medium (the one on ln-cc looks pretty slim). anyone spotted anything similar in the sales? shawl colar peacoats also considered.
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3 Jan 2013 19:38
The one you posted may well fit as the model generally wears a 50/Large and happens to be wearing a 48 in that coat.
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3 Jan 2013 19:43
i might well try it. thanks for the help.
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3 Jan 2013 22:24
Looking for a Ralph Lauren Slim fit shirt Medium in the sale. If anyone has seen one ?
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3 Jan 2013 22:52
Uniqlo lambswool crew neck sweaters in green and navy. Size small.

Expected them for Christmas, but received something entirely different Sad
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4 Jan 2013 14:56
Can anyone point me in the direction of some UK7 Flyknits (black/white)?
Didn't fancy them until everyone started on the sub-£80 train, now I'm jealous Laughing out loud