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2 Mar 2013 15:55
White leather/suede MMM GATs to fit a EU44. Not the ones in classifieds.
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2 Mar 2013 16:31
OL Midnight Sheep trousers in S/46, maybe M/48.

If anybody has a pair that they want to sell, please let me know.
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3 Mar 2013 03:06
i have a pair of white achilles low in a 41, worn a few times, need the same shoe in a 42 if anyone wants to do some sort of a swap
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3 Mar 2013 15:30
looking for mens ralph lauren quilted jacket in xl/xxl, also looking out for stone island xl/xxl. pm me.
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3 Mar 2013 15:58
Thirsty for some Converse first string Hi's in key-ring size UK6.5 please? Tried on a 7 but they fit too wide.
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3 Mar 2013 16:02
rural wrote: Thirsty for some Converse first string Hi's in key-ring size UK6.5 please? Tried on a 7 but they fit too wide.

would've offered you mine but damn your feet are 4 sizes smaller than mine!
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3 Mar 2013 16:08
If anyone shifting 9s get at me
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3 Mar 2013 18:00
Stone island tela stella size M
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3 Mar 2013 20:18
overdose wrote: epic fades denim to fit ~32 waist, no low rise/skinny cut shite
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4 Mar 2013 00:21
Brand new Our Legacy Organic Grey 50s Great Sweat in a Small from A/W 12 if anyone wants rid?

…orr near enough new

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4 Mar 2013 20:35
Any Footscapes, Woven footscapes or woven footscape chukkas
UK 11 - Let me know what you've got, Thanks
Joe Bloggs
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4 Mar 2013 20:48
id quite like a pair of nike challengers, im a size 10 anyone know where i could find some?
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4 Mar 2013 20:50
suede bomber preferably a tan colour but would settle for black to fit a size small?
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4 Mar 2013 20:52
Actually, those firststring jobbies, look decent, i understand the fukers' thirst.
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5 Mar 2013 11:03
Anyone selling OL flannels/checked shirts in a small?
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5 Mar 2013 11:24
Ulster_Blue wrote: Anyone selling OL flannels/checked shirts in a small?

Same as above + linen, but in XS please?
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5 Mar 2013 20:38
Ralph Lauren denim shirt please. Medium.
Like this one,;=4280&Rf900;=1557&sh;=0&pge;=0&pgesize;=200&sort;=-1&clr;=Navy
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6 Mar 2013 09:23
I am searching for NIKE AIR MAX 90 CURRENT x HUF in size us8.5 or us9!

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6 Mar 2013 11:09
Any Swedish FUKers happy to help save hefty postage for an OUR LEGACY pin badge?

please pm

or anyone will to bulk order and discount postage ?
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6 Mar 2013 13:47
Still looking for OL Constellation trousers in an S/46, and an APC x Carhartt beanie, let me know, cheers.