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12 Jan 2014 17:56
I'm after an OL bucle check shirt, this one or similar, in a S/46, not fussy about condition, cheers.
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12 Jan 2014 18:46
shad wrote: I really want a Bape or BBC duffle bag! If anyone has one please inbox me! Not to mash up so in good condition. Thanks
Not a duffle, but this seasons Mook comes with a 1st Camo messenger bag which looks quite roomy, bigger than last seasons duffle. £20 too
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12 Jan 2014 20:41
I'm after some cheap Air Max/Pegasus for the gym in UK8.5 if anyone is wanting rid?
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12 Jan 2014 22:58
Thank you menace!
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posted 13 Jan 2014 23:07, edited 13 Jan 2014 23:07
Searching for any Woven Footscapes in UK7.5-8.5, preferably older models.
Also searching for leather visvim FBT to fit UK8.
PM me.
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14 Jan 2014 15:03
Anyone got this APC in small they'd shift?
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14 Jan 2014 15:11
anyone possibly have any tickets or anyone who can hook me up with a couple of tickets to see Future Islands at Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen?
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14 Jan 2014 16:17
Looking for a black Rick Intarsia (preferably blistered leather) to fit M/48
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15 Jan 2014 14:59
Anyone got a 360/PS3 they are looking to get rid off sold mine for £30 kinda want it again
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15 Jan 2014 17:38
trying to find this margiela knit;=shopping&id;=13457

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15 Jan 2014 17:53
Any CW of these in 39, have a size 40 to trade in camel.
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15 Jan 2014 19:17
A nice navy down/ puffa jacket. Something along the lines of crescent down works. Small - medium if anyone has something similar
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16 Jan 2014 10:18
Looking for an Ipad mini for under £150 preferably if anyones looking to get rid!
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17 Jan 2014 10:39
Looking for stone island shadow modular inner
Large in grey or black from AW13
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17 Jan 2014 10:47
After a MacBook, Pro or Air both considered…

If anyone is wanting rid, let me know, not after anything specific spec wise, if you're getting rid just pm me and we will go from there.

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17 Jan 2014 11:10
any old hedi era dior homme in 48 or footwear in 42
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17 Jan 2014 23:40
This in size M
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18 Jan 2014 00:13

On the search for Our Legacy Constellation Shawl OverShirt XL/XXL

Also any Neighbourhood Sunglasses (don't really mind condition)
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18 Jan 2014 00:19
toin wrote: Any CW of these in 39, have a size 40 to trade in camel.

Let me know if you want to sell your 40s
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18 Jan 2014 01:28
jeg wrote: Looking for stone island shadow modular inner
Large in grey or black from AW13

There's a S and an XL