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30 Aug 2014 17:16
Supreme STAX Otis Redding tee - size XL
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30 Aug 2014 19:39
a small arcteryx veilance isogon in black
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posted 30 Aug 2014 21:55, edited 30 Aug 2014 21:55
After some raw Petit standard or petit new standards (or similar) in new or very near new condition. 31 or possibly 30 in APC sizing.
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31 Aug 2014 10:18
Adam kimmel stuff.
Sz L, or shoes: eu44

Let me know Please!

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1 Sep 2014 17:24
Engineered Garments blue chambray or similar in M/L. needed within next 2 weeks.
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2 Sep 2014 08:00
Any Uk based shops that are selling cool lanyard\Keychain stuff….

like this stuff but not with added customs rape.
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2 Sep 2014 11:10
Will pm you later Pad, might not have ought UK based but might have some stores that mark down
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2 Sep 2014 12:33
Norse projects lindisfarne in navy (small) please..
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2 Sep 2014 17:36
Long shot, buy anyone got these h&m derbys in black, uk 8 they would wanna move on?

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3 Sep 2014 11:36
cheap Patagonia Torrentshell, size small, no naff colours.
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3 Sep 2014 12:25
Visvim Kilgore olive size 3…not 2012 version that seems smaller than the rest.
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posted 3 Sep 2014 18:29, edited 3 Sep 2014 18:29
supreme decks and olive chinos in 32
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3 Sep 2014 20:42
stud homme or stud homme like varsity, black with leather sleeves? All seem to be sold out on the site
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4 Sep 2014 16:54
Paxman wrote:
blackham wrote:

anyone know what type of jacket this is? Getting a m59 on reverse image search, but it has different pockets
Think it's an old Swedish military jacket like this - - I've got one that fits like a large

Just seen this on UO:;=MENS-COATS-JACKETS-EU
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4 Sep 2014 19:06
Sunsea tops xl
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4 Sep 2014 23:34
Asos Tan Suede Bomber Jacket in a small or medium. Anyone have one, pm me. Thanks.
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5 Sep 2014 12:21
Anyone got some deece olive shorts w32 going cheap? Going away for a few days and need a pair quick
Something similar in style to this
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6 Sep 2014 20:21
Anybody have any of those uniqlo mutlipatch flannels that were out last winter they don't want?
Looking for a medium. Don't remember all of them but 1 was predominately red and green tartan…..
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7 Sep 2014 22:48
Burgundy Penfield Rockwool Gilet XL….. Found every other colour in XL. Found this colour in L. Fucking piss take lol is sizing up deffo necessary as I'm def more a large in general
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8 Sep 2014 13:30
Nice Thick Wool Suite (box style) ala Universal works\Howell etc…