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22 Dec 2014 23:10
Nike flyknit Oreo uk 9
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22 Dec 2014 23:13
@ Blackham they have the uniqlo stripes in stock in oxford strt if you can bare the Xmas crowds
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23 Dec 2014 10:04
Looking for a Visvim virgil plain toe folk in sand colour or brown in Visvim size 10. A new pair I would pay retail price and in very good conidition slightly lower. Been looking for many months but no luck so far.

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24 Dec 2014 12:25
After some epic faded heavyweight denim to fit a 36 waist if anyone has any samurai's or similar they are done with. Don't mind if they need a visit to the denim doc.
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24 Dec 2014 12:44
After some faded APC (or similar). Sort of like Benneli's in the classifieds. 32/30 - 34/32 or somewhere in between depending on the actual measurements.
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24 Dec 2014 13:58
Clarks wallabee black suede UK11
EG utility jacket large
Raw denim LVC or something 32-34 waist 34 leg
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24 Dec 2014 14:45
Utility jackets just gone on sale over on The Bureau, reductions not great though.
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24 Dec 2014 15:26
Was keeping an eye on them there, but didn't think they'd go on sale. Have just been on the phone to Kafka & The Hambledon actually to check stock and sizes, and if they're likely to go on sale. Was told it is unlikely but to sign up to the newsletter for Kafka as they're releasing a 25% code for sale items at 4PM today (so sign up ASAP). Couldn't tell me if it was going to be applicable to non-sale items though.

It's the black/blue cord combo one I really want. Gonna give Nepenthes a call later when it's open and see if there is any left there. Hopefully a few sizes stay around for a while on The Bureau though.
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24 Dec 2014 17:05
Looking for a arcteryx veilance monitor jkt in a medium!
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24 Dec 2014 17:13
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25 Dec 2014 00:24
Visvim jeans. 34 w 30 leg.
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25 Dec 2014 13:15
Anyone got any Moschino or Polo Sport clothing size S/M paypal ready message me
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25 Dec 2014 23:32
some really cheap butteros or cheapest around
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25 Dec 2014 23:36
Not sure what size you take sneaky but some cheap butteros here
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26 Dec 2014 01:53
Samurai 710 size 33/34
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26 Dec 2014 14:58
Looking for an affordable, sleek, black leather dress belt with a black buckle.
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28 Dec 2014 14:40
Anybody know where I can get this Gant Rugger knit blazer in a Small? The green version has just been reduced on their site, but that's not in my size, prefer the navy anyway.
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28 Dec 2014 18:55
Visvim high water chinos size L preferably blue
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30 Dec 2014 11:46
Uniqlo +J White Shirt anyone?
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30 Dec 2014 13:48
Phikz - Did Kafka release that 25% code?