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4 May 2012 16:54
Anyone seen the middle Butteros anywhere?

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4 May 2012 16:59
du tan wrote:
pherkan wrote:
pherkan wrote: Bape camo shirt and tee.
Snake print tee and polo.
Nike SB (ukCool quickstrike or pre 2006 (show me what you got).
Air Jordan 4 (ukCool pre 2008
Visvim fbt (ukCool

Dude, I've got shitloads of SB's in an 8 including hardly worn futura SB's, black ostrich, black/ red and the black/ gold takashi's I'm looking to shift but not got round to taking pics of.

However, you're looking to pay in the region of £70 for "nike air" branded Jordans from the early 2000's so I'm guessing you're looking to pay a fiver for SB's?

Na, that was not the reason why I didn't want your Jordans mate. I'm willing to pay much more if you have any other Js.
Check your pm.
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5 May 2012 00:48

Like the title says, looking to purchase one of these jackets in a size XL, preferably DS (or as close to DS as possible),have money on hand.

Price depending on condition but i have no plans of lowballing anyone.

Get at me if you can hook this up.

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5 May 2012 14:29

No Brandon, but what jumper is this, i presume it's some expensive ish?
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5 May 2012 14:49
I think its actually H&M from A/W 2009, they were doing longish acrylic knits if I remember. Sort of stuff fat girls wear to cover up their arses. Looks seriously shit on a bloke.
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5 May 2012 14:50
Zara did one for A/W 2011 that looked much like that as well.
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6 May 2012 01:30
Anyone seen the wtaps parasmock from last season anywhere? Or got one to sell? any colour xl
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6 May 2012 09:15;=4&nav;=SEARCH&nid;=72085962744
Dunno if the link will work but P.A.M. Tumbs Up print trousers from SS11 (?), cant seem to find anywhere with them now but I remember LN-CC had them in the sale for ages.
carl lewis
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6 May 2012 09:28
Laughing out loud @ Razor
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6 May 2012 14:22

In an 8/8.5/9 depending on how they fit..
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6 May 2012 14:27
Is that's Harold Hunter? If so that NY cap is ancient. Well at least 17+ years old. You'd be pushed to find I reckon..
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6 May 2012 22:49
anyone got a grey uniqlo sweatshirt in a medium?
these ones:
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6 May 2012 23:50
Looking for affordable (around 50/60 quid) slim fitting oxford buttondown shirts (white, light blue and maybe light purple).. Got 2 of H&M, but after 1 wash the model is fucked.. I live in The Netherlands, so uniqlo is not really an option for me.
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7 May 2012 00:20

After the third pair of NBs in, 998 in grey, dunno when they were released, tried ebay, ct etc, if any one knows of any about i'd be greatful for a heads up. after them in an 8.5/9


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7 May 2012 00:23
Released last year (I think), around nowhere for retail anymore.

Edit: real nice pair of 998s out in the next few months, you should hold out for those.
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7 May 2012 00:26
cheers, would pay over retail if i could find them anywhere!

any info on the upcoming?
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7 May 2012 00:46
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7 May 2012 00:54
staycold wrote: visvim fluxus 04D2 30/30 or 30/32, new balance 1400 j.crew in navy or green UK7/UK7.5
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7 May 2012 14:47
varnoir7 wrote:

they are off the chain. i left the chain with no girlfriend but i think im going back in
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7 May 2012 15:50
Apc new standards 30" waist.