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24 May 2012 23:54
BOOKSTORECORE wrote: Is anyone selling any small or medium Engineered Garments workaday shirts? I wan that rounded hem in in life.

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25 May 2012 14:56
CP Achilles in black and preferably the raw ones to fit uk8 - any condition
carl lewis
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25 May 2012 14:59
Air Max 1 West Size 8 fresh in the box
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25 May 2012 17:04
supreme eyes shirt white in xl
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25 May 2012 18:22
Janoski red c/w in 8
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26 May 2012 23:37
Owlix wrote: Some of those fashion sweatpants everyone got on. Preferably the Phillip Lim ones but I'm looking at Acne, Dries Van Noten and Opening Ceremony too, send me your offers. Size 30-32 waist.
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27 May 2012 10:15
Fancy a white/light LS shirt with coloured flecks. Got my eye on the Ben Sherman Plectrum shirt, just after any alternative suggestions.
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27 May 2012 10:35
try h&m
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27 May 2012 10:46
Quiet Life clouds 5 panel
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27 May 2012 11:38
Short sleeved Folk, Albam or EG shirts to fit a small, anyone looking to sell anything?
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27 May 2012 12:31
Air Jordan IV cement UK8 please, yes, i slept on these when they came out in Feb Sad
Also, long shot but Jordan vi infarared 2010 UK8.
PM me if you have any of the above you wish to part with.
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27 May 2012 16:52
some kind of duck camo overshirt in a M.
can anyone here sort me?
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27 May 2012 21:41
Visvim kuba oxford in a size 2.
Mr 88
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28 May 2012 11:37

Black or Silver
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28 May 2012 12:52
does the buyer of the olive green petit standards Jordan was selling - wanna move them on?
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28 May 2012 17:45
gaffer wrote: Thanks for the sock suggestions all, will check them out Ubercool :

Wigwams are awesome, they're not super thick (no hip hop honey), but it's getting a bit too hot for them though! I get mine from Goodhood.
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28 May 2012 17:49
Does anyone have an Il Bussetto (or any other leather) iPhone 4S case they'd like to sell? I know where to find them online but it'd be good to get a worn-in cheapish one.

Was seriously wishful thinking that I could survive without one!

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28 May 2012 19:09
Can a fuk-er do me a HUGE favour

I want to buy something off, as a first time buyer - so if anyone who NEVER plans to use ever again (and obviously has never used it) let me know. I'll transfer the total amount immediately.

Edit: Sorted.
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28 May 2012 22:11
Recent top weather has caused a bit of a short sell-out online. Did anyone happen to cop the Gap chino shorts or the UU carpenter-style shorts in navy to fit a 32"? Both disappeared from their respective sites since last week.
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28 May 2012 22:13
can pickup for you tomorrow, my gap had shit loads of them on saturday