Random Questions: Web developers - I need some help with overflow vertical div scrollbars

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6 Dec 2008 18:57
Have a look at this page in internet explorer http://www.formymobile.co.uk/css.php

The vertical scrollbar is about 5% in from the outer edge of the page

In firefox the scrollbar is right at the outer edge of the page. Anybody help getting it to work the same in internet expolorer?

What I am trying to achieve is have a css layer at the bottom of the page that stays in the same place even when you scroll down. This is easy to achieve in firefox using position:fixed but internet explorer doesn't suport this and the workarounds, like the one I am using on the page above, aren't that good
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7 Dec 2008 11:50
maybe worth giving this sticky footer a try:

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7 Dec 2008 11:53
Cheers. I'll try that later. I just found this too, which looks similar http://tagsoup.com/cookbook/css/fixed/
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7 Dec 2008 18:58
Getting nowhere with this. Every solution just brings another bug to try and iron out
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7 Dec 2008 19:15
I don't have Explorer so can't check, but have a look at this site and tell me if the image at the bottom is displaying ok http://www.equinoxe.org.uk/

the CSS used for that is

body {
background: #fff url('images/background.jpg') bottom center no-repeat fixed;
margin-bottom: 0px;

maybe you can adapt that in some way if it works in IE
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7 Dec 2008 19:26
You mean the rock and grass at the bottom of the page? As it is on your page, it won't work for what I want as the content obscures the background (I'd need the image to be on top of the content) but I hadn't thought about using a background so I'll look into that. Spent two bloody days trying to sort this Cry
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7 Dec 2008 20:15
Didn't think anyone developed for IE anymore.

try this http://www.lwis.net/journal/2008/02/08/pure-css-sticky-footer/