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5 Jan 2019 21:21
Billykirk ones are good, the claw buckle ones are great if you want to wear under a jumper and don't want a silhouette of the belt underneath
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5 Jan 2019 23:23
I got my Goro's black belt, one day I'll have a brown..for now I do polo woven belts for brown, w)taps nylon belt for daily.
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5 Jan 2019 23:58
I have the same attitude as illwill and figurine, never dropped £ on a belt.. got an andersons one off ebay for work a few months back. really nice, but a bit thick for some belt loops
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6 Jan 2019 05:10
yeah unforgiveable to not have well speced belts
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6 Jan 2019 09:35
discobobulated wrote: I have about 10 Andersons belts

Who's the real weido here?
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6 Jan 2019 09:57
I think it’s just a utility item really. Don’t feel it adds enough to warrant major expenditure. Suppose there are expections - like a D point used to pull the DH look together
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6 Jan 2019 10:35
Surely you need 2, black and some shade of brown. Then perhaps something more casual in canvas or woven for summer or suede shoes. 99% of the time I'm wearing a shirt tucked in though (the exception being the odd flannel / wool shirt) so can imagine if your shirt is covering it it's not an issue.

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6 Jan 2019 10:43
I don’t even own one. Laughing out loud
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6 Jan 2019 15:46
Have one from Asos that has lasted about a decade.

Spent about a ton on an Ann D one once that broke after a month, never again.
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6 Jan 2019 16:12
Get more of a buzz making £20-£50 flipping a charity shop find than I do from receiving a £k work bonus.