General Discussion: Welcome to the new fuk, feedback here pls

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posted 11 Dec 2013 13:51, edited 11 Dec 2013 13:51
We've taken the opportunity to strip a lot of the cruft out and focus on the main things that people use on the site. Here's a summary of the changes:

Exclusive GJ forum, Classifieds restrictions

There are more controls over who can post where. Although anyone can read the Classifieds, posting is limited to GJs.

There is also a completely separate GJ category where only GJs can view or post. This is the place for anything you want hidden from lurkers.

The cost of a GJ for NEW subscribers will be £15 per year. Existing GJs can stay on the £10 plan provided their subscription doesn't lapse. Lifetime GJs will of course continue to have that access.


To clamp down on the spam we have introduced a better moderation system. New users will have their first few posts held in a moderation queue, and need to have each explicitly approved by a mod before it will appear on the site.

Watch list

If you post in a thread, it will be automatically added to your Watch list. The Watch list gives you quick access to the threads you are most interested in, without having to dig around in the different categories to find them. You can manually add (and remove) individual threads from the list by clicking the Watch (or Stop Watching) button whilst viewing the thread.

By default, you will receive a daily digest email of threads you are watching that have been updated, you can switch this to immediate or no notifications at all.


The new board is designed to make it easier than ever to embed stuff from elsewhere around the web, without having to mess around with BBCode. If you want to display an image in a post, just drop the link straight in to the page, no need to use \[img\] tags. If the image is hosted on a supported service, you can drop in a link to the page on which it appears, and it will all be nicely formatted with a link through to the original.

Same goes for YouTube, SoundCloud and Spotify - just drop the link to the video or whatever and the embeds will automatically be coded for you.

This means that you can no longer do a manual embed, so if you are trying to copy anything with HTML code and paste it in, it won't work. Just use the page URL instead.

Supported services include all the common image sharing platforms: Flickr, Imgur, Photobucket, SmugMug plus Youtube, Vimeo, Soundcloud, Mixcloud, Spotify etc etc. We will publish (and continue to add to) a full list.


Lets face it, BBCode is rubbish and we'd like to ditch it. However, we need it for quotes and stuff so for the time being it's going to stay. We have minimal editing controls for bold and italic on the post editor at the moment, but these may go.

Private messages

The private message system has changed to be less like an email system and more like mobile messaging. You have one single page of conversation with any given user, with your messages threaded on the page, newest ones at the top. Old messages are imported, but may look a bit weird, to begin with, if you have a lot of embedded quotes.

There are options for email notifications on PMs, by default they are set to daily digest.

Misc stuff

Animated GIFs for avatars don't work at the moment. Sorry.
The page layout will become a bit more mobile friendly once we've bedded it down.

Coming soon

There are a few things we need to sort - Search is the main one, and decent mobile views as well - but we wanted to get the site out there. With the site on a totally new platform, we should be able to add new features a lot quicker than in the past.

I know you won't be shy with your feedback, and we will do what we can to plug the functionality gaps as quickly as possible. Thanks to you all for your continued support of the site, hope you enjoy the new stuff!
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11 Dec 2013 18:57
Yep agreed I like it, only flicked through this thread so it might have been mentioned, can we get number of new posts since our last visit back?
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11 Dec 2013 18:59
CovOne wrote: Are you a stoner? Genuinely don't know anyone other then a Mongol weed head who loves it.

Yeah you got me. Although I have to protest about 'Mongol weed head', that's corporate anti-drug propaganda. I guarantee I get far more done than the average person. Cannabis doesnt make you lazy; if someone is already lazy then it wont help because now you're lazy and stoned. Cannabis doesnt make you a loser; you were already a loser, now you're a stoned loser.

such debate
many defensive
legalize doge
so opinion
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11 Dec 2013 19:00
Agreed about it being an enhancer. Like shit memes, like shit memes but smoke = doge.
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11 Dec 2013 19:01

Dee wrote: get some c/u visvim fabric or something as bit more int in there

those boots are so bad

You know you're a fashionista when
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11 Dec 2013 19:03
Smiling boots are bad though

Noble Locks
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11 Dec 2013 19:04
The crumpets eye is ok though'
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posted 11 Dec 2013 19:26, edited 11 Dec 2013 19:26
Razorlight123 wrote: The Active thread seems so out of place, needs to be placed close to the username profile area.

Is this happening to people on Google Chrome? Probably just a problem my side.

Tried it with IE:

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11 Dec 2013 19:30
Can we go back to the old design if we promise to never complain again?
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11 Dec 2013 19:40
razor, do you have adblock running..? also may have been mentioned but quoting doesnt work for me, just says "false"
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11 Dec 2013 19:48
Cool update
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11 Dec 2013 20:21
Miss the blue but other than that good job!
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posted 11 Dec 2013 20:22, edited 11 Dec 2013 20:22
hated that nankid blue with a passion

- would be great to have a dynamic inbox or at least in red when a message appears, or a red envelope of sorts - bit sufu that though but a good thing imo.

brighter red, just noticed it was red, i'm sure it wasn't before.

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11 Dec 2013 20:54
I keep getting logged out for some reason. May be my phone browser. Chrome on iPhone. Anyone else?
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11 Dec 2013 21:03
Copper wrote: I keep getting logged out for some reason. May be my phone browser. Chrome on iPhone. Anyone else?

Fine using Chrome on KitKat
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11 Dec 2013 21:08
Definitely prefer it but do have a few requests (most of which have been stated already):

• Would be ideal if the width of the message column would resize based on resolution, mine just about covers 50% of my screen:

• Private message option from within each username

• Rating system for posts would be great (a la XenForo)

• Active threads/menu on the left

• Option to lock/unlock the visibility of the initial post

• Thread view count & creator of thread

• Count of new posts
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11 Dec 2013 21:10
Just got 'new users have to wait to have their posts checked and moderated' when i went to post then. Ha ha ha
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11 Dec 2013 21:10
Saying I'm a new member and need my posts checking by a moderator. Long.
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11 Dec 2013 21:12
Crazy Joe Davola wrote: Total post count seems to be off, pretty sure I don't have 5k+ posts.

I can see it on the iPhone 4S io6
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11 Dec 2013 21:12
Why do you want/like a rating system for posts. Bit nan kid innit?
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11 Dec 2013 21:15
ignore/nuke button

have the avatar sizes increased?

tags in classifieds would be v cool