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posted 11 Dec 2013 13:51, edited 11 Dec 2013 13:51
We've taken the opportunity to strip a lot of the cruft out and focus on the main things that people use on the site. Here's a summary of the changes:

Exclusive GJ forum, Classifieds restrictions

There are more controls over who can post where. Although anyone can read the Classifieds, posting is limited to GJs.

There is also a completely separate GJ category where only GJs can view or post. This is the place for anything you want hidden from lurkers.

The cost of a GJ for NEW subscribers will be £15 per year. Existing GJs can stay on the £10 plan provided their subscription doesn't lapse. Lifetime GJs will of course continue to have that access.


To clamp down on the spam we have introduced a better moderation system. New users will have their first few posts held in a moderation queue, and need to have each explicitly approved by a mod before it will appear on the site.

Watch list

If you post in a thread, it will be automatically added to your Watch list. The Watch list gives you quick access to the threads you are most interested in, without having to dig around in the different categories to find them. You can manually add (and remove) individual threads from the list by clicking the Watch (or Stop Watching) button whilst viewing the thread.

By default, you will receive a daily digest email of threads you are watching that have been updated, you can switch this to immediate or no notifications at all.


The new board is designed to make it easier than ever to embed stuff from elsewhere around the web, without having to mess around with BBCode. If you want to display an image in a post, just drop the link straight in to the page, no need to use \[img\] tags. If the image is hosted on a supported service, you can drop in a link to the page on which it appears, and it will all be nicely formatted with a link through to the original.

Same goes for YouTube, SoundCloud and Spotify - just drop the link to the video or whatever and the embeds will automatically be coded for you.

This means that you can no longer do a manual embed, so if you are trying to copy anything with HTML code and paste it in, it won't work. Just use the page URL instead.

Supported services include all the common image sharing platforms: Flickr, Imgur, Photobucket, SmugMug plus Youtube, Vimeo, Soundcloud, Mixcloud, Spotify etc etc. We will publish (and continue to add to) a full list.


Lets face it, BBCode is rubbish and we'd like to ditch it. However, we need it for quotes and stuff so for the time being it's going to stay. We have minimal editing controls for bold and italic on the post editor at the moment, but these may go.

Private messages

The private message system has changed to be less like an email system and more like mobile messaging. You have one single page of conversation with any given user, with your messages threaded on the page, newest ones at the top. Old messages are imported, but may look a bit weird, to begin with, if you have a lot of embedded quotes.

There are options for email notifications on PMs, by default they are set to daily digest.

Misc stuff

Animated GIFs for avatars don't work at the moment. Sorry.
The page layout will become a bit more mobile friendly once we've bedded it down.

Coming soon

There are a few things we need to sort - Search is the main one, and decent mobile views as well - but we wanted to get the site out there. With the site on a totally new platform, we should be able to add new features a lot quicker than in the past.

I know you won't be shy with your feedback, and we will do what we can to plug the functionality gaps as quickly as possible. Thanks to you all for your continued support of the site, hope you enjoy the new stuff!
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posted 11 Dec 2013 22:47, edited 11 Dec 2013 22:47
if someone posts a big image does it break the layout? Notice this is fixed width compared to the old site stretchy width
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11 Dec 2013 22:51
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posted 11 Dec 2013 22:51, edited 11 Dec 2013 22:51
auto resize Smiling, well scaled
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posted 11 Dec 2013 22:55, edited 11 Dec 2013 22:55
PHiL wrote: Haha true, I think the old one was carried through from 2 designs ago? I am so used to seeing it on my tabs Smiling

Fix quote in FF high priority Eye-wink

Yes, Ben pointed out to me that the favicon was about 15 years old Laughing out loud

FF is a bugger, but medium priority - about 12% of traffic to fuk - use Chrome? Eye-wink

PHiL wrote: auto resize Smiling, well scaled

Oh yeah Cool
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11 Dec 2013 22:57
Haha I use both, but at work Chrome > for real work, FF > for non work Eye-wink
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12 Dec 2013 00:10
I liked that bit where it didn't work just there
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posted 12 Dec 2013 00:18, edited 12 Dec 2013 00:18
Yeah, was a new feature. Think we might drop it actually.
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12 Dec 2013 00:31
Has the GJ discount codes box gone for good? Will all that stuff be found in the elite threads now? No hobo
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12 Dec 2013 00:39
auto re-size….is that why my pics in WAYWT are so small? also see last purchase thread, all my pics were the same dimensions on flickr but have come out very different when posted on here.
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12 Dec 2013 09:13
has it been mentioned about having the author in the list as well as last poster? Makes the classifieds easier for me to know what to look at.
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12 Dec 2013 09:15
Still says 4 minutes ago when you post?
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posted 12 Dec 2013 09:16, edited 12 Dec 2013 09:16
Timing appears fine here, says you posted "about a minute ago".

Using Chrome on OSX 10.9.

EDIT: Mine says the same.
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posted 12 Dec 2013 11:54, edited 12 Dec 2013 11:54
Can we get rid of that big bold NEW next to new threads. Have it colour coordinated. The red links it is now if it's new, and just black if it isn't.

As previously mentioned a viewed link isn't different enough a colour from a link with NEW.

Being able to delete ones own post within a minute or two would be a welcome addition to.
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12 Dec 2013 12:36
Popular doesnt work for me.. Maybe been mention already, didn't bother to read trough. Happy with a change, the watch list is a nice feature. For someone who builds websites as a profession, colors, fonts and layout kinda feels like a bit home-made to be honest. Still like the overall feel though, and its a good start.
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12 Dec 2013 12:39
when opening a classifieds thread (FS: CP/FOLK etc) can we make it so it opens on page one, and not on page x where all the comments are "bump" - just so that we can easily see what the user is selling, for what price etc. rather than having to go and click back to the first page.
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12 Dec 2013 12:40
Reduce the space between threads.
Show the page numbers underneath the thread without having to click onto the thread first.
Show how many new posts there are from the last time you visited the thread/have an option to view latest post from the last time you visited.
Show the user that created the thread.
Get rid of that boot.

Few minor things that may have been mentioned a few times but would improve the site.
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12 Dec 2013 12:43
The boot is highly offensive
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12 Dec 2013 12:44
And ever so slightly pornographic.
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12 Dec 2013 12:49
phikz wrote: Reduce the space between threads.
Show the page numbers underneath the thread without having to click onto the thread first.
Show how many new posts there are from the last time you visited the thread/have an option to view latest post from the last time you visited

The way it should be working is that when you click the thread, it takes you directly to the oldest post you haven't seen.

That way, you don't really need page numbers or new post counts. De-cluttering the ugly thread listing was a prime objective, so don't want to add stuff back in there unless it really doesn't work out.
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12 Dec 2013 12:52
can people without avatars please get one so it does not look like ineff before he turned in to a roid head