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15 Sep 2012 13:47
Cool. Hoping to get out there next year. Will try reach Bosnia as well
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15 Sep 2012 13:56
mostar is a great little place to spend a few days, went from dubrovnik by bus and then a bus from mostar to split (early morning buses)

stayed here
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23 Sep 2012 13:06
good place to download audiobooks for freeness? aint much on pirate bay
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23 Sep 2012 13:08
and any good audio book recommendations, done shantaram, most of the bill bryson books etc
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23 Sep 2012 16:42
mr.white wrote:
canhoto wrote: Anyone know of any decent books on small businesses/design/branding?

i can get a lot of the popular ones for the kindle if you mention anything

2 entrepreneur style books i really recommend.. 4 hour work week and millionaire fastlane

Ah just seen this mate.
Don't have a kindle but I'll track down the ones mentioned.
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23 Sep 2012 18:15
seriously late but American Psycho is incredible
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24 Sep 2012 09:07
just read Turning Pro by Steven Pressfield..

it's about making the change from amateur to professional if you're an entrepreneur or create something. short read finished it in a few hours

and half way through Mark Cuban - The Sport of Business

pretty good.. about him going from sofa to computer company to owning a basketball team. quite inspirational. full of strong, but a bit boring, advice
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25 Sep 2012 18:56
A perfect day for bananafish' in JD Salinger's short stories book 'For Esmé with love and squalor'
Short but I really liked it
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11 Oct 2012 06:09
anyone with a kindle got any decent books we could swap
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26 Oct 2012 00:42
Anyone got the epub for the Pablo Escobar books?

Escobar: The Inside Story of Pablo Escobar

Killing Pablo
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26 Oct 2012 09:32
I've started reading the malazan books of the fallen. Geeky yes, but amazingly well written, very impressive intertwining stories. I'm on book 3, there's 10 in the series.
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26 Oct 2012 13:30
got 500 mobi books now for kindle if anyone ever wants anything.. mostly biz and autobiography books
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26 Oct 2012 13:41
Reading William Blake for school, compelling stuff.

Also before I put it in classifieds, would anyone be interested in a buying a Kindle touch off me, used sparingly, comes in original box and with a case for it?
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22 Apr 2013 12:45
finished the new Granta Best Young British Novelists anthology over the weekend

very hit and miss imo

I read a review that called it a 'relentlessly globalised' collection and noted that "many of 2013's 'best British novelists' are immigrants, writing about Britain from a recent arrival's perspective, or not writing about Britain at all"

it definitely felt like the the majority of stories were set abroad (army camps in Somalia, building sites in Dubai, a Chinese refugee centre in Lausanne, a sheep station in the Australian outback and so on) and/or narrated from the perspective of migrant workers/some other displaced people

it would have been nice for at least some of the writers to engage more with modern-day Britian imo

I'd read eight of those on the list previously (Zadie Smith, Adam Thirlwell, Adam Foulds, Ned Beauman, David Szalay—who has the best piece in this collection, Sarah hall, Helen Oyeyemi and Ross Raisin). The only new name I'll be seeking out from the other twelve collected here is Sunjeev Sahota.

Some of the inclusion are just baffling (Naomi Alderman, Jenni Fagan. Xiaolu Guo), especially given some of the more notable omissions: Jon McGregor, Joe Dunthorne, Nick Laird.
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30 Jun 2013 10:59
Reading Brian Tracy - No Excuses.

Discusses self-discipline.

Read it before and feel it was very helpful in the first few months after reading it, but I've started to fall back into usual habits.
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30 Oct 2013 12:38
just finished The Luminaries by Eleanor Catton

anyone who likes their Victorian pastiche doorstoppers will proabbly enjoy it - personally found it a bit bloated and much too long

thought that Jim Crace should have won the Booker for Harvest
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30 Oct 2013 12:52
Finished Kafka on the Shore the other day. Read a lot of Murakami and this was the first that I didn't enjoy.
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4 Nov 2013 21:45
Where to start with Chuck Palanuik? I've been meaning to start reading some of his stuff but stuck into Murakami at the moment.
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4 Nov 2013 21:52
Survivor, or failing that, fight club. Choke is good too.
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4 Nov 2013 22:08
I read Haunted earlier this year, great book.