Menswear: What Are You Wearing 2017

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17 Jun 2017 23:56
maximus wrote: Essex uniqlo no show go perfect with mayfly

Yes I need to pick some up but always forget when I'm in there
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18 Jun 2017 19:06
Walking backwards, doing a silly tip-toe pose.

Patadis3 movie t (Brooke Shields in the blue lagoon I think?)
RL Polo
Vans with the No show socks
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posted 21 Jun 2017 09:07, edited 21 Jun 2017 09:07
Looks gay X,

Get some real gear, like me:

ECWCS, work:

w)taps wt-arc thermo
Polo sweater
Polo BD shirt
Hanes undertee
Polo wool pants
Alden All Weather Walkers
w)taps x porter Readypack ALICE (current work bag, giving my Gregory SPEAR brief a rest)