Menswear: What are you wearing 2020

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25 Sep 2021 10:48
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25 Sep 2021 13:12
If you look at sold items on eBay there are only two pairs showing for me, one is a “custom” version that keeps being sold and the ones in the post, but they have sold twice so not sure if they’re getting returned or failing the authenticity checks due to condition?

Would sell them if i could just do it face to face.
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posted 25 Sep 2021 17:44, edited 25 Sep 2021 17:44
sydneyking wrote:
zoom wrote: Sl them, even beaten you will get £500/600 ish. Dunk wave is dying out again so do it sooner rather than later.

Is that true? Price wise I mean?

Sold a battered pair on ebay last year for around £800. Was wearing them to mow the lawn and stuff in but they clean up surprisingly well for the colour and materials. That was with the original box and the spare laces unused in the bag.
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25 Sep 2021 18:02
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25 Sep 2021 18:28
I’ll get them up on ebay this week I think
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25 Sep 2021 20:49

Nike SB