Menswear: What are you wearing 2020

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posted 7 Jun 2020 04:38, edited 7 Jun 2020 04:38
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7 Jun 2020 15:23

Custom tshirt
John Elliott
V2 700 Vanta
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7 Jun 2020 15:45
Cool LFC
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7 Jun 2020 17:28
tee looks great
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7 Jun 2020 17:46
Dee wrote: tee looks great
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7 Jun 2020 19:00
sydneyking wrote: Cool LFC
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7 Jun 2020 19:21
MattC wrote:
Dee wrote: tee looks great
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7 Jun 2020 19:25
Very cool!
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7 Jun 2020 19:34
Tee is a belter. So cool!
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8 Jun 2020 07:38
Tee Cool
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8 Jun 2020 08:00
Working with all those chemicals clearly has its benefits LFC Eye-wink

Out of interest, did you do that yourself, and if so how?
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8 Jun 2020 10:32
Thanks all Cool

@TCB They probably would come in handy but most eat through metals never mind fabric Laughing out loud

I sent my cousin 4 tshirts as she’s been doing all sorts for uni friends so sadly I’m not sure how she did it. Pics are in last purchase thread if interested in the others.
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8 Jun 2020 14:44

Chateau Supreme tee
Gramicci shorts
Janoski SBs

Got the shorts from Farfetch and they just arrived from Browns. Checked their site and the shorts are double what I paid via Farfetch.
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posted 8 Jun 2020 14:51, edited 8 Jun 2020 14:51
I was looking at an elder statement knit from browns on Farfetch (same pictures ) at 50% off but still full whack on brown’s website. Was also tie dye btw Smiling
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8 Jun 2020 14:51
Nice tee LFC
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8 Jun 2020 15:30
Gramicci shorts look great there, been trying to decide whether or not to get them for ages, think I'm sold now though.
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8 Jun 2020 16:02
Be aware that Farfetch use the Asian sizing, so go down one for the UK/US size.
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8 Jun 2020 17:22
^ is that the case with all brands? Ordered a reception tee recently and fitted way smaller than model shot, also seemed like the brand tag was over-stickered with farfetch sizing
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8 Jun 2020 18:17
Browns owned by Farfetch, they’re using Farfetch to channel their sale so it looks like their main site isn’t on sale
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8 Jun 2020 22:18
I bought the same shorts also from farfetch but sent them back because the fit on the ones I got was awful. I found the legs flared out massively towards the knee but doesn’t look like they do that on yours so maybe I just got a dodgy pair. I’ve got the leopard print packable ones and the fit is great.