Menswear: What Are You Wearing Today 2014

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20 Apr 2014 22:13
What's that cat behind you? Cool by the way, manhunt's kill me evertime I see that sole. Strictly, toast, snaye, fox etc too.
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20 Apr 2014 22:15
That bag strap Laughing out loud
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20 Apr 2014 23:40
nephew wrote: Astro looks like you could size down on that uniqlo sweat, i've got the same one and you can tell it's too big by how loose the sleeves are.. like it though, I need some white sneaks

Deluded. Millz Cool
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21 Apr 2014 00:27
Deluded how?
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21 Apr 2014 01:10
millz you got that aesthetic down to a t
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21 Apr 2014 07:24
Millz Cool
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posted 21 Apr 2014 07:31, edited 21 Apr 2014 07:31
w)taps cover
w)taps OG nylon ripstop parasmock
supreme '13 CYC plain zip up hood
Jensen tall tee
Masterpiece jeans
w)taps x porter DELTA bag
just bought muji esky (pick up for my cables and random electronics paraphenalia)
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21 Apr 2014 07:32
I like manhunts but the branding is terrible.
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21 Apr 2014 07:36
note that I am wearing exclusively w)taps, not WTAPS.

thank you.
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21 Apr 2014 07:59
footmobile2000 wrote: note that I am wearing exclusively w)taps, not WTAPS.

thank you.

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posted 21 Apr 2014 08:31, edited 21 Apr 2014 08:31

carl lewis
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21 Apr 2014 09:01
OG Millz Bapes your fav trainer?
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21 Apr 2014 09:11
doug. wrote: millz you got that aesthetic down to a t
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21 Apr 2014 10:23
carl lewis wrote: OG Millz Bapes your fav trainer?

My footwear has been almost bape only (a few air forces) for about 5 years now since I sold all my jordans.

Yeah their sneakers are perfect, more balanced proportions and better build than the shoes they are ripping off.

Trick is finding em in non rainbow of diversity colorways.
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21 Apr 2014 10:56
Both millz Cool
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21 Apr 2014 11:20
trailofdavid wrote: Both millz Cool
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21 Apr 2014 16:19

our legacy bomber white tyvek
reigning champ sweat
casio mq-24
cos tech joggers
our legacy on court black
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21 Apr 2014 16:35
jaydeesafe wrote:
trailofdavid wrote: Both millz Cool

Link to cap? Looks good
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21 Apr 2014 17:00
Terrible pic but the Easter w/e has killed me Sick!

New Era (no vis)
Bootleggers Reunion
Stan Smith

Strictly Ubercool & the Mil bros Cool
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posted 21 Apr 2014 18:46, edited 21 Apr 2014 18:46
Are you guys not tired of extreme tapered and pegged trousers yet? true, I like how the MA pops, the grey sweat thrown in seems a bit lazy and it jars with the black white theme you got, but the pants, especially below the knees ruins the fit. Then you guys ruin the peg fit by wearing socks, if you wearin high waters atleast have your ankles prepared for the tide. basic white tee (or sailor stripes) if you gunna rock with those pant bro, get rid of the grey.

Fukers could never grow up in the hoods in america, hi-water pan't just aint fuckin tolerated. I got clowned in first grade, now almost 30, I make sure I can never get clowned for ridiculous fucking wack ass flood pants ever again.

Take an example from milhouse van houten. *Notice the no socks