Menswear: What Are You Wearing Today 2015

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22 Mar 2015 12:26
leemc77 wrote: Lanz Cool
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22 Mar 2015 13:41
Last few pages have been excellent.


Well done chaps
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23 Mar 2015 00:51
seems like a slight shift from your usual workwear style Nick, but I like it… on that Beedub steez Cool
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23 Mar 2015 01:55
Until now I've been traveling around a bit and the workwear isn't convenient, especially in Australia summer. the needles is awesome and it's easy to wear casually like this even if it isn't my usual thing
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23 Mar 2015 06:19
That needles shirt looks much nicer than the rebuild ones I've seen online. Which versions are there?
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23 Mar 2015 08:37
The main 2 that they do regularly are the 7 cuts and ribbon fronted. 7 cuts are basically 7 different sections, cut vertically and pieced together to look like a regular shirt (what nick is wearing). Ribbon cuts have an un-interfered with base shirt with thin strips of other flannel shirts stitched to the front. They've done lots of other kinds too, but the 7 cut and ribbon front have been done for several seasons now whereas the other types seem to have only been done for one season.
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23 Mar 2015 23:02

Wtaps Parasmock
Acronym P15s
Converse n(n)

Click pic full zip
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23 Mar 2015 23:56
cool tdot Cool
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24 Mar 2015 00:01
crying out for boots that
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24 Mar 2015 23:59
I think there's too much green, but maybe that's just me.
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25 Mar 2015 07:53
car remotes look so fucked hanging off key chains
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25 Mar 2015 08:36
A white tee & sand coloured trainers would kill it, otherwise Cool
Really like the parasmock.

footmobile2000 wrote: car remotes look so fucked hanging off key chains
I reckon Blackmeans may have done a leather car-key-belt-clip-thing Smiling
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25 Mar 2015 08:43
Parasmock & p15s are Cool
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25 Mar 2015 11:32
strong couple pages back there lads, special mention to foxtrot - sock darts look great on! Cool

love that Needles reconstructed flannel, might try a DIY job on one myself Cool
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25 Mar 2015 11:46
Liking that Needles flannel too. The white and indigo ones on the Bureau look pretty good too, slightly more subtle.
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posted 25 Mar 2015 12:55, edited 25 Mar 2015 12:55

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25 Mar 2015 12:59
Mesa's look great, but could do with some jam on them imo
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25 Mar 2015 13:00
Like the top half and the shoes…not keen on the denim though. Needs stacks imho.
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25 Mar 2015 13:27
^ +1
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25 Mar 2015 14:32
that hem is a nightmare, looks almost boot cut. Put one roll on them or wear them longer.