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19 Oct 2009 21:45
Are your plates designed to look like paper plates??


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20 Oct 2009 09:35
I don't know, ask Wedgewood.
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20 Oct 2009 09:39
i thought that was a paper plate Laughing out loud
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24 Oct 2009 00:47
Got a Gatecrasher a couple of nights ago- they're super cheap at the moment.
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24 Oct 2009 22:59
Ginsters Pork and pickle pies FTW
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25 Oct 2009 04:13
went to sake no hana on st james' street tonight, never been before. nice place, not disimilar feel to nobu but more relaxed. had duck breast tempura to start and then a wagyu beef steak. very nice meal. waiter wasnt the friendliest/didnt seem to understand english that well which was annoying.
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25 Oct 2009 06:14
fucking hate that place^ but they do 50% off on toptable
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25 Oct 2009 11:13
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30 Oct 2009 19:53
these are so good

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30 Oct 2009 20:07
Rowntrees Randoms are my sweet of choice
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30 Oct 2009 21:55
I had a pack of red and black wine gums today. Just made some potato and carrot soup.
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30 Oct 2009 21:58
poohat wrote: Rowntrees Randoms are my sweet of choice
they gave them out at bestival, i've still got about 20 packets
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30 Oct 2009 22:30
poohat you seem to get everything wrong :Sad:
rowntrees randoms are a shit version of starmix.
and they have barely any in a pack.
and they are overpriced.
and the adverts are annoying.
basically your sweet of choice is waste.
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30 Oct 2009 23:32
randoms are horrid.
them choozers and starmix for me anyday
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31 Oct 2009 00:45
randoms are shit and they don't taste of anything.
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31 Oct 2009 01:58
Dragibus > Pasta Frutta > Sour Monsters > Kiddies Super Mix > Starmix
Mr X
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1 Nov 2009 11:48
I'm not one for dressing up so I took my giflfriend out to a clifftop inn overlooking the sea and had this gourmet cheeseburger and fries. It might not look amazing but it tasted so good.

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1 Nov 2009 11:54
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1 Nov 2009 12:16
eliotness wrote: basically your sweet of choice is waste.

Laughing out loud
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1 Nov 2009 18:03
I have a couple of chicken breasts that need eating but don't fancy any of the usual suspects, curry, fajitas etc

Anyone have any ideas for something fairly simple? Got a reasonable range of herbs, spices etc and most things you'd find in an average kitchen.