General Discussion: What are you eating today?

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23 Jun 2021 12:27
Remember when noble used to bang on about his tuna subway sandwiches and when we told him it was full of crap he just refused to believe it wasn’t just bread and tuna?

In the past 6 months lawsuits have ruled that’s it’s not bread and now in America, there was no tuna DNA found in the tuna.

Grim times.
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23 Jun 2021 12:28
Hahaha what!! If it’s not bread what is it? And same for tuna? A random fish with fake tuna flavouring added ?
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23 Jun 2021 12:46
Heard the prices went up in Ireland on Subway. As the bread had so much sugar in it they couldn't class it as bread (a VAT free staple item) and had to be classed as cake (luxury item with VAT on top).
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25 Jun 2021 14:52
Developing an unhealthy addiction to these, too good.

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19 Jul 2021 22:25
TK Maxx snack selection is underrated.
Lychee sweets tonight, can confirm they do taste of Lychee Smiling