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12 Aug 2009 19:16
Probably pretty shit.

Nice but I agree with Kingmob about the top and bottom halves. Bag's ite tho.
Mr X
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12 Aug 2009 19:53
He's got the black duct tape on the floor marking his territory which must imply some sort of 'I TAKE MY FASHION VERY SERIOUSLY! statement. I'm not a fan of the rolled up trewse/manpri look or the women's bag. Didn't Rirawin insist on having a HP floral tote in every one of his WAYWTs ~… all very pretentious.
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12 Aug 2009 20:02
seenmy. i like.
Noble Locks
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12 Aug 2009 20:15
Ruben wrote: Nice seenmy, but the bag is terrible.
agree, hair in a bun and a leopard skin shopper bag is not the way forward if you got a g/f imho.
morning mist
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12 Aug 2009 20:32
think seenmy got a great personal style, but i will never get used to those roll-ups.

seenmy you got any old photos without the rolling?
Von Sextron
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12 Aug 2009 20:51
thats a chicken and the egg type situation
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12 Aug 2009 21:02
Arms look ok in that jacket from that photo.
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12 Aug 2009 21:04
they were bit long for my liking finished about top of my palm so i had them taken so they sit on my wrists when my arms are down
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12 Aug 2009 21:23
Jordan wrote: Yeah, but not fashion though, is it?
Just a leather and black hoodie with jeans and white trainers

that is what Evers is kind of saying.
iron koopa
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12 Aug 2009 22:06

campus II
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12 Aug 2009 22:12
haha… fuckin great, Koopa Laughing out loud
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12 Aug 2009 22:20
Pug swings it FTW
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13 Aug 2009 00:54
Best wrote: lovely seenmy Cool

are junya trousers meant for skinny people? everytime i see seenmy in them, they fit perfectly. what waist size are you seenmy?
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13 Aug 2009 01:23
Ruben wrote: seenmy, the bag is terrible.

I don't know what it is, the print is fine, maybe the shape or just the way you're holding it??
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13 Aug 2009 06:28
The bag oozes steez, seenmy… like someone else said, brings the whole outfit to life.
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13 Aug 2009 09:24
baddie wrote:
Best wrote: lovely seenmy Cool

are junya trousers meant for skinny people? everytime i see seenmy in them, they fit perfectly. what waist size are you seenmy?
i think junya is cut for normal people fit wise,each item is cut to fit a certain way some to be full some to be slim etc the sizing dose therefore vary I can range from xs-m in trousers
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13 Aug 2009 09:49
Jordan wrote:
EVERS wrote:
Vazza wrote:
You weren't taking any chances with this ensemble though were you, EVERS? (no beef)

yes it is. its a very, very expensive outfit for a start (that's taking it further) and you cannot see the detail of the shiny, wrinkled buffalo leather or beautiful knit of the balenciaga slim fit hood…

the only reason it was taken was because of people moaning for me to post. not to have my knob sucked because I was so proud of what I was wearing. actually, I remember that day as its the day I went and picked up my RO leather from Matches in Richmond.

oh my, thats brilliant, now i know what im dealing with Laughing out loud

its not a white shirt you spacker, its half white, half green, with one pink, and one green arm Laughing out loud (the one phil showed). you're talking about "shiny, wrinkled buffalo leather", and you dont even know what i'm wearing Laughing out loud
and as for expensive? well done, i've got expensive stuff too brah, it doesnt mean shit, my last waywt is alot more 'forward thinking' than that piece of shit, balenciaga or not. besides, its not like my clothes were cheap in that waywt anyway.

i had a patchwork multi coloured £200 shirt on, silk shiny helmut lang denim, and YMC canvas/leather mixup shoes… a bit more fancy than looking like a turkish heroin dealer (no beef with R's dad)

well done, you were wearing a button down shirt and jeans. pm the middle aged. how can you possibly say that your outfit was 'forward thinking'? it was the outfit on someones dad or uncle. get a grip of your internet self. If you think your donning forward thinking 'fashion', you are greatly deluded and need to start again.

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13 Aug 2009 09:55
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13 Aug 2009 09:58
it makes a change for people to actually discuss/argue about something on here though.
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13 Aug 2009 09:59
I thought evers was about 15. Didn't realise he was about 40.