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11 Dec 2009 20:36
Jordan wrote: H&M Knit
A&C Necklaces x2
Dior D-Point Belt
Dior Grey Mist Jeans
Opening Ceremony Boots

boots look weird with those trousers.

Trousers need to be hemmed or something, look too skinny.

Reminds me of this for some reason

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11 Dec 2009 20:39
Murakami wrote: Yerrrr thats what I meant but inarticulate as ever Oops

Seems a waste to chuck away a decent polo away that cost 90 quid or something, might try a drapey vest underneath to try and deal with the length issue. Always do this with a band tee I have and it looks fine as long as somethings hanging down covering the belt buckle.
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11 Dec 2009 22:40
i think the polo looks too small EB the shoulders look too small and the whole of the top half looks too tight and its too short
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11 Dec 2009 22:47
what russ said
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11 Dec 2009 22:50
schtoop wrote: hem the diors jordan
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11 Dec 2009 23:04
Know what you're saying, but imo, that's the way diors are supposed to be worn, supposed to have stax to the max, getme
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11 Dec 2009 23:11
if you like the stacking you should look in to getting a pair of j cut jeans,it gives a better effect than just a pair of jeans which are to long.
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12 Dec 2009 04:27
jordan &olegs i think you look really goo dthat's what i think
Noble Locks
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12 Dec 2009 08:08
jordans stacking looks fine to me, i think they look immense, but bun the jumper. (no high street snob, i just really dont like it cos it looks what it is, and thats a 20 quid jumper)
olegs looks cool as, but dont think the white shoes go, needs fbt's or dark versions of what you got imo.

@ seenmy = whats j cut jeans mayn?
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12 Dec 2009 11:17

I think he's talking about these Noble. They are literally cut in the shape of a J. Agree with Seenmy though, the whole look looks a bit like young kid in older brothers clothes. (I know this holds little validity as I don't contribute to this thread but still)
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12 Dec 2009 11:18
cheers for that man, i seriously didnt know, but i prefer jordans by about three million country miles. j jeans for the lose imo. look so contrived.
do not want.
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12 Dec 2009 11:22
basically the pattern for the legs is cut as a curve rather than a straight seam so if you laid them on the floor the shape would be simular to a 'j' this shape makes the pant itself wrap around your leg and in my opinion gives an interesting stacking effect,il do a pic of mine later
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12 Dec 2009 11:25
i cant see how that looks contrived the pant is cut to give that effect where as jordans are just extra long and in my opinon just look to long as they are almost standing up around him. above are the same jeans i own for reference
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12 Dec 2009 11:40
The above jeans look great imo. Not sure on the back pockets though.

Got a web link, more info?

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12 Dec 2009 11:41
i just like it on diors cos it looks natural in its wrongness. i dont think id like to buy some jeans made to do it if you get what i mean mate.
its just a personal taste point of view, im the sort of person who just likes to put clothes on and let them do what they do.
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12 Dec 2009 12:06
fair enough,I was more making the point to jordan as its obviously a look he is going for,so its just giving him a next step to explore product wise if he wants to,Im not trying to get him to do a candidate on us but for his look (based on recent fits) he could find some interesting items that complement his style.

bill the pants (jeans) are by carol christian poell they came out in 07
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12 Dec 2009 12:12
Someone on Sufu was making them for awhile, might have stopped by now though.
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12 Dec 2009 12:29
levis red did an interesting version too…
never been able to try them on so never bought….
wish i had tho.
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12 Dec 2009 12:57
Olegs, i've never seen Sinterklaas look so well dressed Laughing out loud
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12 Dec 2009 13:27
J cut jeans suck and are gay